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Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Grow Spaces

Great Sale on Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Weed.

Our friends at Trimleaf are holding a sale and It’s a doozy.  Almost everything they sell is currently on sale.  And they sell practically everything you need to grow.

Here are some examples.

rosin from a rosin pressRosin Presses

Whether you are a beginner with a small operation squeezing a few grams of your home-grown or a giant extraction expert, Trimleaf has every kind of rosin press you could ever want:  electric, pneumatic, manual, even starter kits.  And nearly all of them are on sale with great discounts off the MSRP.

Don’t know what rosin is or how to make it?  Read our article on rosin presses here.

Grow Spaces

grow tentEverybody needs a grow space.  Even if you are growing outdoors, you need a space to get your clones or seeds started.  With a grow space, you can be stealthier and healthier.  Here is our advice on grow tents.  And here is what stealth growing means and how to do it.

But even if you are growing legally, a good grow space will keep your plants where you want them and not where you might lose them to disease or two-legged pests.  So check out these great deals on Trimleaf and don’t overlook viewing offers in Our Shop.

Why Buy From Trimleaf?

Buying from Trimleaf has some advantages over buying from Amazon.  For one, their customer support is reliable and is “in-house”. Amazon depends on the retailer.  We try to pick good retailers to highlight, but it’s now always easy when most manufacturing is done in China.

Secondly, Trimleaf offers financing on relatively generous terms for larger purchases.  A great option when you probably can’t go to the local credit union and ask for a loan to finance your marijuana operation.

Finally, Trimleaf will ship for free on orders over 50 bucks.  Whether you are starting out or a seasoned grower expanding your farm, you are likely spending more than 50 bucks no matter where you buy the product.

So bottom line–improve your bottom line by contributing to the Trimleaf bottom line with these current sale offers.


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