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What’s the Best LED Grow Light (2021)

Updated 2021

Since we first wrote this article about the best LED Grow Lights we have updated it year by year to reflect new innovations. However many things have changed in the past two years. Not as far as our recommendations about LED lights are concerned but availability. There is little point in us recommending a light if it is currently unavailable and may not be for some time so we have updated our recommendations to include only those that are still on sale and we hope will continue to be available.  Some have very few left in stock so if you need a light BUY NOW or you may have to accept second best or a very long wait.

But first, why are so many lights in short supply? There are three basic reasons.

Irrespective of the manufacturer of a light unit the LED’s are almost exclusively produced in China. As the first country to have been affected by the COVID-19 virus many of the factories producing LED’s were closed for long periods or subject to restricted levels of output and these have yet to fully catch up.

Secondly, there is also a worldwide chip shortage. LED Lights need chips to work so the lack of chips is affecting both supply and price.

Thirdly, transportation. There has been plenty of press comment about the shortage of shipping containers and ships to carry them and as virtually all lights are either imported or use components that have to be imported this also has a bearing on availability.

So if you’re looking for the Best LED Grow Lights and full spectrum grow lights to fit your budget, let us help you choose one that is available now. We know it’s a big investment and researching all the different options can take forever, so we’ve done the research for you. We’ve painstakingly compared and hand-picked the best LED grow lights still currently available on the market to find the right ones for a whole range of different use cases. Whatever your growing needs or budget, you can find a light here to suit.

Best LED Grow Lights for Every Budget

Budget Lights for Small Grows

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We selected our list of best LED grow lights for every budget based on the results they showed and the features they offer. We have also taken into account factors like customer reviews, industry awards, and a close look at which lights have proven most popular with our readers. And we’ve tried to keep our choices within the budget of the average home grower.

Mid Priced and Larger Grow Spaces

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Large Grow Spaces and Commercial

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Get bigger, better buds faster!

How far should LED Grow Lights be from the plants?

For germination, the light should be about 30 inches above the plants. For the vegetation phase, lower the light to about 24 inches above the plant top. For the flowering phase, lower the light even further to about 18 inches. As you lower the light, the light’s footprint grows smaller. This means that plants on the outside of the footprint might not be getting optimal light energy and you may need to add an additional light.

Will LED Grow lights grow plants?

Yes, and in fact with current models of LED Grow lights, you can expect a better result than with older High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or fluorescent lights. This assumes that the LED Grow Light you buy gives sufficient energy for your plants.

How many watts per square foot for LED Grow Lights?

Generally, 30-50 watts per square foot is sufficient. Some growers recommend a higher level of 65 watts per square foot. Higher than 65 watts risks burning your plants. Remember that with LED Grow Lights, the wattage specification should be the manufacturer’s estimate of the actual watt output of the LED lights, not the power draw at the wall and not the wattage the manufacturer states for an equivalent HID light.

Are LED Grow Lights bad for your eyes?

Yes, you can get eye damage from LED Grow Lights and any bright light, particularly in a closed space like a grow tent with reflective interior. Just like looking at the sun. You should always wear good-quality protective sunglasses with good coverage of your field of vision.

How do I build a LED Grow Light?

Probably the easiest way to build your own LED Grow Light is to buy a kit from HLG. The kit will contain the parts necessary to build a Quantum Board LED light. Kits come in various power output sizes. While the kit has clear instructions and the customer service of HLG is very good, bear in mind that building your own light may cost nearly as much as buying a light already assembled.

What size LED Grow Light do I need?

Size of grow light refers both to the physical size and the energy output of the light. Once you have calculated the energy output of the light for your number of plants, you need to choose a light with the right physical size and configuration. If you grow plants in a row, then you will want a long thin light. If you grow your plants in a square, you will want a light with a square shape. To calculate the energy output you need, use this calculator:

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  1. Good information on led plants.
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    I only want to grow 50 small plants so what would be the best grow light for me?

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