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Which Seed?

What strains are best for beginners?
What is an autoflowering seed?
What are Feminized Seeds?
Where should I buy my seeds?
Is it legal to send or receive marijuana seeds?
MaryJane Farmer reviews seed banks and answers these questions.

Marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds – Where Can I get The Best Deal?

Growing your own marijuana successfully begins with planting the best possible marijuana seeds.  Maybe, you have managed the art of pollinating your own but if you are a beginner, or have not yet mastered pollination that means buying your seeds. Marijuana seeds are not cheap.  Furthermore, due to the illegality of transporting them in the …

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Mouth open WOW

Beautiful Blueberry Kush from a Home Marijuana Garden

Wow.  A beautiful handful of buds from a home grower in Oklahoma.  Blueberry Kush.  MaryJane is hoping to interview this successful weed gardener.  Does he use LED Grow Lights?  Is this indoors or outdoor growing?  Where does he get his seed?  Does he train his plants?  Lots of questions that will help everybody. You can …

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Outdoor Cannabis Plants

How to Grow Autoflowering Weed

DIY Autoflowering Cannabis Growing cannabis plants outside can be an exciting endeavor. Growing with autoflowering strains is different than using “sexed” seeds, and you need to know a few tricks. If you are a beginner, start here with our step-by-step guide for Seed to Weed. If you are unfamiliar with autoflowering cannabis, then check out Autoflowering …

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