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Best Bud Trimmers (2021)

You’ve just spent three months waiting anxiously for harvest time. Your cannabis crop is looking ready and smelling good. At this point, you might be thinking about investing in an automatic bud trimmer—speeding things up, saving yourself a bit of manual labor. However, the last thing you want to do is harm those buds you’ve worked so hard on with a poor-quality trim. Time to take a look at the best bud trimmer machines on the market

What are the Best Bud Trimmers?

Of course, if you have only a couple of plants, taking care of the job by hand with a good pair of shears is no big deal. Get a two-pack of shears so you always have a backup, or you can work with a friend.

However, if you’ve got more than a couple of plants, that’s when you’re going to want to think about getting a machine.

To help you decide, here’s our pick of the best bud trimmer machines currently available. Whether you want a handheld bud trimmer, a small tabletop trimmer, bowl trimmer, or something more industrial, we’ll help you find just the right machine for you—and your budget.

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Electric Trimmers

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Manual Trimmers

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Other Small Crop Trimmer Choices

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Trim plants faster with a bud trimming machine

It’s tricky to pick a good bud trimming machine. You definitely don’t want a bad one that will destroy all your hard work. So we’ve done the research and found the best bud trimmer machines for you.

One or two plants? Trim buds by hand

If you have just a couple of plants, all you’re really going to need to trim your buds is a good pair of shears.

Or ideally a couple of them, so that you can rotate them as the resin builds up on the blades—use one pair while the other one soaks clean in rubbing alcohol.

TOP TIP: You can leave the alcohol to evaporate from the resulting mixture, leaving behind scissor hash. Or just scrape the hash off the scissors and smoke immediately.

Best trimming practices

Wet or dry?

There’s a big debate over whether it’s best to trim wet or dry bud. Trimming wet bud by hand gets pretty messy. Trimming it with a machine is easier. But wet trimming generally nets you prettier buds in the end. Plus, wet trimming in general is way easier than trying to trim dry weed that’s all curled up.

Letting your cannabis dry first can be a good idea if you live in a dry place with low humidity. Letting the weed dry slowly with the leaves on it is a good thing. If you trim the weed first, it might speed up the drying process too much.

Other Stuff You Really Need

Even if you’re using a monster trimming machine like the Trimpro, you want gloves. They keep the resin off your skin and protect the buds, too. Make sure they fit well, especially if you are using shears or the Trimpro. Safety first!

ECO Farm Curved Garden Pruning Shear

  • Trim easier and faster: you can easily to cut without damaging the vital stems and branches of your plants.
  • Upgrade heavier spring action: opens and closes blades smoothly.
  • Comfort grip handles: make it easy to work for long periods of time without discomfort.
  • Built-in safety lock: keeps the sharp blades securely closed until you’re ready to open them. Easy-open lock protects the blades during transport and storage.
  • Multi-purpose: These scissors feature a super pointed tip, which is ideal for cutting tight, intricate patterns. The long blade makes it easy to cut at awkward angles, for example, zig-zags, through threads.

  • Size: Length: 6 1/4″ ; Width: 3 3/4″.
  • Take on the toughest pruning tasks with these shears.
  • Extremely durable, these are unlikely to break even if you drop them repeatedly.
  • Spring-loaded, lock switch for more safety, suit for right or left-hand user.


Now let’s continue with our best bud trimming machine reviews.

Best Manual & Motorized Bud Trimmer Machines

The links in the table above may go to Amazon, since Amazon carries pretty much everything and pretty much everyone already has an Amazon account…However, as many items appear to be out of stock we have provided some alternative options we recommend.

Also, in the reviews below, we’ve also linked to the same items on Trimleaf where possible. Where an item is only available on Trimleaf, it will not appear in the table above but will be linked to the price page on Trimleaf.

Why buy on Trimleaf instead?

In addition to Amazon, some of the trimmers below are sold also or even exclusively on Trimleaf.  If you are looking at anything over $500, it’s worth taking a look at Trimleaf to compare the prices.

There’s free expedited US shipping on orders over $50, regular deals and discounts, and a price match guarantee. And financing is available on orders over $199.

Finally, Trimleaf is an authorized dealer for every brand it carries—which means the lowest prices, expert customer service and full manufacturer warranty.  So if you have a big harvest, we recommend checking them out to see if you’ll get a better deal.

Now, on with the reviews…

Electric Trimmers

ECO Farm 18 inch Table Style Automatic Leaf Trimmer Machine


ECO Farm Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer is great equipment to trim and shape flowers, buds, herbs and spices.
Three Speeds will allow you to determine the exact speed in order to have the perfect result. Three Speed 18” Electric Bud Trimmer Leaf Table Adjustable With 3 Speed Motor.
This Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer is also a great way to slice and dice herbs and spices to a fine material, making it indispensable for any serious flower, herb or spice grower.

Three Speed 18″ Electric Bud Trimmer Leaf Table
Adjustable with 2-Speed motor 60hz 110v
On/Off Button
18×18″x 26″
Sturdy Construction
7.5 Feet Electric Cord (US 110v)
Come with Mesh Bag
Easy to clean
Extra 6 steel blades
Color may Vary


Pro-Cut Fast Leaf Trimmer Wet Trimming Machine

Wet bud trimmerProduct Description:
Engineered for wet trimming, the Pro-Cut Fast HD leaf trimmer consists of a two-piece, stainless steel drum style casing, installed on a sturdy stainless steel frame. When in use, the open bottom of the drum gathers the unwanted trim material into a mesh bag, making for a simple clean up. Food-grade rubber fingers gently manipulate the plant material across the Pro-Cut Fast HD leaf trimmers’ grille. Also made of stainless steel, the trim grille allows stems and leaves to pass through to the precision hardened stainless steel trimming blade while protecting your flower buds. The nicely trimmed buds remain on top of the grille and the scraps gather in the included mesh bag beneath the leaf trimmer. When done, the fill-and-spill recovery system easily tilts forward to spill out the flowers.

Powered Pro-Cut trimmers exclusively use USA built motors. If the unexpected happens, all Pro-Cut trimmer replacement parts are readily available to ship.

The heavy-duty 1/10HP direct drive motor is a quiet and reliable workhorse. Using standard household current, the Pro-Cut Fast HD trimmer trims effortlessly and produces great results in very little time.

Product Features:

Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
Industrial direct-drive motor
Long-lasting, food-grade rubber fingers
Sealed bearing assembly
Razor-sharp trim blade
Fill and Spill recovery system
Motor Input Power: •1550 RPM •1/10 HP • 60Hz • 1.2A • 115V
Basket Size: 14.5″x 12.5″
Product Size: 18.5″x 33.5″
Shipping Box Size: 20″L x 16″H x 22″W
Grille Dimensions: 14.25″ Diameter
Product Weight: 30 lbs
Shipping Box Weight: 35 lbs

Centurion Pro Mini

Compact pro tumble trimmer for larger harvests

No products found.

When you’re growing on a large scale, you need a powerful trimmer to take care of big harvests. The Centurion Pro Mini can do both dry and wet trimming—just select the tumbler you need.

This trimmer is very compact, but it can process 6 to 8 pounds of buds each hour. The efficient dust collection system and dust collector keeps everything as neat and clean as possible. And when you’re done trimming, it’s actually easy to pull apart and wash.

Centurion Pro covers the Mini with an excellent 5-year warranty.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

No products found.

Here’s an electric dry trimmer that can cut up to 3-6 lbs per 3-5 min cycle – up to 72 lbs per hour.  The manufacturer says that you should only have 10 to 15% of touch-up work to do, depending on the strain you process.

Triminator Wet Industrial System

Self-cleaning industrial bud trimmer

triminator wet industrial trimmer
Triminator Industrial Wet Trimmer (Click here for price on Trimleaf)

If you have a large-scale commercial grow, you need a trimmer that can keep up with demand. The Triminator trims wet buds on a scale of 200lbs per day.

The blade reel is so sharp and accurate that it cuts as close as the width of a human hair. You won’t need to waste time doing touch-ups.

While resin is a good thing, it tends to jam up the works on other trimmers. But the Triminator has a resin-repelling, automatic cleaning system. A mist of atomized water coats the drum so that the resin can’t stick to it.

The Triminator was built from military-grade material and it can be pressure-washed with no problem. It’s covered by a 2-year warranty.

Manual trimmers

Want a super-quiet, super-efficient hand crank bud trimmer that won’t tire you out?

TrimPro Unplugged 16″ Diameter

Quiet, efficient manual trimmer

No products found.

The Trim Pro Unplugged is the one. It’s light but solid, and makes a minimum of noise, so you can take and use it anywhere. Home, greenhouse or wherever. Materials are top quality. And the gentle trimming action, hand-controlled speed and adjustable blade height give you maximum control over the final results. A great wet trimmer from a leading brand—worth the extra few bucks.

ECO Farm 18 Inch Automatic 3 Speed Leaf Trimmer Machine

ECO Farm 18inch table automatic trimmer, the grate is made of steel and the bottom is painted with metal black coating, and the net is made directly on the face and cut by a twofold fan steel blade.


1. 18inch (450*450mm)
2. Powerful, efficient and quiet motor
3.Safety shroud
4. Sturdy leg design for stability
5. Fast and efficient cutting
6. Easy to use and easy to clean
7. Safe and no plant damage


ECO Farm 16 /19 Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Another bowl trimmer with a transparent lid. It works on the same principle: you crank the handle to move the fingers and the blade to cut off excess leaves.  The 16″ is priced at $199.95 USD and the 19″ version is $221.15 USD

ECO Farm 16/19 inch leaf bowl trimmer uses a clear plastic top for better visibility, a removable handle for convenient storage, and removable grille for easy service. This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leaves, and preserve buds from a variety of plants. The ECO Farm trimmer is essential in making hash, oils, aromatherapy products, and potpourris. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit and comes with 1 serrated blade and 1 straight blade.


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