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Consuming Marijuana

What are you growing marijuana for?

That is a good question and may well help to decide which strain to plant and seeds to buy.

It is a good idea to decide before you start planting and growing so here is some information about the various options and methods.

THC Vape Juice – How to Make It At Home

Vaping has become a popular way of consuming cannabis. Smoking involves burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke with all the chemicals it contains.  Vaping only heats the dry herb, or its derivatives, to the point at which it produces vapor. Vape juice is one of the options and although you can purchase it at vape

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grinder and tools

Different Ways of Consuming Marijuana

So, you’re getting ready to wind down with your favorite green plant. The first thing to consider is the flower, but the consumption method is a close second. Then again, most people are only aware of joints that were prominent back in the days of illegal marijuana use. So, whether you’re a long-time smoker who

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