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Grinders and Presses

What does a grinder do and why do you need it? What is rosin? How do you make rosin? MaryJane Farmer gives you answers, product reviews and step-by-step instructions.

THC Vape Juice – How to Make It At Home

Vaping has become a popular way of consuming cannabis. Smoking involves burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke with all the chemicals it contains.  Vaping only heats the dry herb, or its derivatives, to the point at which it produces vapor. Vape juice is one of the options and although you can purchase it at vape

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Trimleaf Trimmers and Buckers

In a previous article, we mentioned some of the most purchased trimmers this harvest season. These are the trimmers that businesses currently use and utilize to make their operations very efficient. Today, we’ll share the most purchased buckers. But before we dive in… In case you missed the previous article, here are the 4 most

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