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High Quality and Low Cost LED Grow Lights from MARS

We recently got a further update on new lights from our friends at MARS Hydro. Just wanted to pass on some of their news, and give you some additional purchase options. If you are a regular visitor to 420 Beginner you will already know we like MARS as a Grow Light manufacturer.  They have an excellent range of high-quality products and superb customer service. Their 30-day money-back and 3-year warranty are the best in the business and offer customers security when buying any of their products.

Now we can offer you an additional buying option. Purchase your Mars Hydro Lights from the 420 Beginner Shop. So no need to click through to a 3rd party website.  We offer prices identical to Mars so you save time and lose nothing!

Buy Via Us

You can buy directly from 420beginner at prices sometimes lower than those on Amazon. We also are able to offer all the most up-to-date products, not always available on Amazon, nor do we offer outdated products that you may see still for sale on Amazon. So you get the best possible price, and the most recent lights available. 

Click on the photo to see a detailed description of each light.

High Quality

MARS Lights use Epistar LEDs and Cree COB chips, which are widely known and available, sourced usually from Taiwan or Samsung in Korea.  They use Meanwell drivers for controllable lights, again a well-known company with reliable products.  Because MARS has been manufacturing for about 11 years, they understand how to create quality products.  For instance, the thickness of their built-in heat sink lowers the need for cooling equipment and eliminates fans in small grow spaces. Each light is quality checked three times in the factory and their claimed error rate is 0.5% which speaks for very high attention of quality.

Excellent Warranty

All their LED Grow Lights have a 3-year warranty, which is longer than usual for most companies. They have a 30-day return policy.

Free Shipping

For most products stocked in the local centers, shipping is free to the 48 states, 

Local Distribution and Service

MARS has distribution and service centers in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, and Germany. They generally can give you 24-hour turnaround service.  They will ship anything in stock within 24 hours. Please note the products and prices shown above all include FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.  Delivery time is normally no more than 7 days.


MARS lights are inexpensive compared to some brands.  They are not the cheapest, but do you really want the cheapest?  I don’t.  Good quality at a good price is better.

Customer Service

We answer all emails promptly and you will be provided with a tracking code to follow the process of your order and anticipated delivery date.

We look forward to providing you with your new lights as quickly as possible.

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