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MaryJane Farmer is the nom de plume for the writers, editors and publishers of 420Beginner.com. Betty Crocker was not a real person and neither is MaryJane, but the recipes and advice of MaryJane resonate with her readers just like other famous avatars resonate with their readers.

Marijuana Growing Question Needs Answers

At MaryJane Farmer, we just received a question from a new grower asking for some advice as he moves into the flowering stage. Here it is:- “Attached are pics of my plants I have just switched to flowering on Wednesday. I am using my storeroom as my grow room. The current temp is at 34 …

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Trimleaf Trimmers and Buckers

In a previous article, we mentioned some of the most purchased trimmers this harvest season. These are the trimmers that businesses currently use and utilize to make their operations very efficient. Today, we’ll share the most purchased buckers. But before we dive in… In case you missed the previous article, here are the 4 most …

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Vapes For Sale – Our Most Popular Products

Vapes come in a wide variety of makes, designs and options.  Sometimes finding the one that suits your requirements can mean searching through many reviews before you find the one you really want. We wanted to make life easier for you, so we are providing a resume covering some of the most popular suppliers that …

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