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UCR Cannabis Certificate Programs

Cannabis Certificate ProgramsThe cannabis industry is one of the few areas where there are plenty of jobs on offer and a limited number of qualified candidates to satisfy demand.

As an increasing number of states legalize marijuana for either medical or both medical and recreational use staff are needed to service the new demand.

Being able to grow a few plants in a grow tent or a plot in a garden is not what the industry is looking for or needs. Commercial growers, suppliers, and retailers need people who are qualified and understand not only the practicalities but also the law and how it is applied.

For this reason the University of California, Riverside is now offering for-credit Cannabis Certificate Programs in a range of subjects to allow students to become qualified and meet the demands of employers.

The courses offered are:-

Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine Certificate:

From Cannabis 101 to in-depth Integrated Clinical Practice, this is the healthcare knowledge you need to take your career to the next level.

Cannabis Law and Policy Certificate

The information and insights you need to participate in the ever-changing legal landscape surrounding the cannabis industry.

The Business of Cannabis Certificate

Understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the cannabis business as you progress from seed to sale.

Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate

Develop an in-depth understanding of the complex process of cannabis production, management, and cultivation. Plant care, yield maximization, and more.

All these are online courses and on your schedule and are from top cannabis experts in the industry to enable you to develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates your expertise, and receive your certificate of completion.

University of California can be contacted at this link and if you apply at certain times of the year you may qualify for a $250 discount on the course prices.

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  1. Phillip C Williams Jr

    My name is Phillip Williams and I’m only too excited that being retired from the transportation sector I spent years exploring the greater outdoors of the Pacific West coast region. I graduated high school in 72′ and Marijuana was so misunderstood and the medicinal qualities were ignored and very addictive opiates saturated the pharmacy shelves while fueling the ever deadly narcotic medications which sometimes result in illicit use of narcotics on the black market. My goal is too attain certification as a grower of the cannabis for pain relief. Any suggestions pertaining to which certifiable courses would increase my worth as budtender and a master grower I will appreciate your suggestions. Thankyou and Good health to us all in the near future. My email address: phillwilliams1954@gmail.com or cell # 443-273-6225

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