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Can Cannabis Make You a More Creative Person?

creativeWe’ve all heard numerous stories about how cannabis helped different people become more creative. Suddenly, they were bursting with creativity, brainstorming ideas, and even inspiring the people surrounding them.

As a useful tool for many songs, books, paintings, and other artistic works, one thing is certain – the creative world wouldn’t be the same without cannabis.

Nevertheless, we’re all familiar with how cannabis can affect our body – at once, people can feel the euphoric rush, but then they suddenly go from their highest to their lowest. Consequently, this can result in an incapability to concentrate on a specific activity and keep a sharp focus.

Keeping this in mind, we ask ourselves – can cannabis make you a more creative person than you already are? The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no, so if you’re curious to find out why, keep reading!

Sparkling Creativity


From adolescents to adults, cannabis concentrates found its way to be in the hands of many different minds and people. Furthermore, as already mentioned, numerous people who tried or are still using these budget buds claim it helps their creative juices flow.

However, is there a way for cannabis to affect our creativity? Many scientists asked themselves the same thing and came to some interesting conclusions.

Namely, creativity is connected to the brain’s frontal lobe. People with advanced creativity have higher frontal lobe activity and more significant frontal lobe increase when immersed in a creative task. So, although creativity is still a challenging phenomenon to describe, and measuring the level of creativity still flimsy, how does cannabis work here?

Unsurprisingly, cannabis also affects the frontal lobe through CB1 receptors located in our brain, as part of the well-known endocannabinoid system. Cannabis is, therefore, somehow linked to creativity through the connection in the frontal lobe.

Still, cannabis has different effects on our creativity levels, and no two persons experience identical effects. Some people feel more creative, some less, while others don’t feel any difference at all. So, let’s provide some insight into why that may be true.

Less Is More


Depending on infinite factors, cannabis can provide different outcomes. One of the main reasons why cannabis offers unalike effects is its intake amount. The dosage of cannabis, just like anything else, is crucial.

It’s like with food – different people need different food choices and amounts. A 250-pound 52-year-old sedentary man won’t get the same benefits from some fried eggs and a salad that a 140-pound female athlete will.

The same goes for cannabis – strain type, dosage, and the nature of the creative activity all affect how creative we get.

Although the majority of cannabis users have the feeling of being artistic and creative during or after cannabis consumption, that’s not necessarily true. We’re all familiar with the mind-altering effects cannabis is famous for, so the artistic perception could be just an illusion.

It means that individuals have the personal feeling of increased creativity while, in reality, their creativity levels are about the same.

However, science is here to give us some more answers, and some studies came to interesting results when comparing creativity levels with cannabis use.

The dosage can affect creativity levels to an extent. While individuals with already advanced creativity levels most likely won’t get any improved results with cannabis use, individuals with low creativity levels might find small cannabis amounts beneficial and helpful when starting a creative task.

Besides, larger doses could harm both creative and less creative people, as it gives an opposite effect. Instead of improved focus and brain activity, heavy amounts lead to a decrease in the abovementioned activities.

Get to Know Yourself


Finally, the best way to find out whether cannabis has a positive or negative impact on your creativity is by trying it out. Experimenting with different dosages until you find the perfect amount is one of the main things probably, but starting with smaller amounts is always a smarter move than overdoing it.

Additionally, strain type can affect how you feel about a specific dosage. Sometimes even the same dosage won’t have the same effect, as strains differ in their THC contents too. Personal dispositions also play a crucial role in this complex process.

Finally, the type of creative activity is also an important factor. Whether you’re painting, writing, singing, or dancing, different activities use different brain functions and muscles, so pay close attention to that as well.


To sum everything up, it’s challenging to say in what circumstances and how cannabis affects creativity. That’s because it’s hard to describe and measure something as abstract as creativity in the first place, let alone when cannabis is added to the mix.

Even with the advanced technology we have today, scientists are still struggling to find a universal answer to this question while still keeping the numerous factors in mind. Until then, the best solution is to try cannabis with precautions and see how it works for you.

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