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Survey Results

Blown Away and Fascinated

Wow! I just looked at the results of this first survey and I am astounded.  Understand that this site is a part-time gig for me–I have never before had time to understand just what I was doing, apart from giving advice on how to grow weed.

But now–Well, now I have some idea of what this community is up to and it really amazes me.


First of all, the geographic stats:  By far, the most responses were from the USA, but there were responses from the UK, from France, from India, from Canada (of course), from Laos, from Colombia, from Brazil, from Thailand, from South Africa, from Finland, from Australia and from Germany.  Seems like people all over the world are growing their own.

Thanks for taking the time

Next, the rate of click-throughs (that’s when someone has opened the email and clicked to take the survey) was unbelievably high–most email outreach assumes a clickthrough rate of 1-2%.  The rate for this survey was over 16% !  WOW.  And Thanks So Much.

Now the nitty-gritty.

Do You Live In a Place Where It is Legal to Grow Your Own?

51% of people live in a place where it is legal to grow your own, but 45% do not–that shows change is coming but slowly.

Can You Get Medical Marijuana Where You Live?

70% can get medical marijuana where they live, but 23% can’t.  Again, change but not enough.

What is The Best Way to Get Marijuana?

58% say the best way to get marijuana is to grow their own, while 19% reported either using retail store/dispensary and 19% used an unlicensed dealer.

The comments were interesting too.  My favorite: “It’s always best if you know exactly what you have and what it took to be a final product. Everywhere else is a crap shoot.”  Exactly!

Here is what another home grower said: “We bought from a dispensary until our plants “bore fruit”. Home grown is so much better!” And another: “Street weed is spotty at best.”

That pretty much sums up the MaryJane Farmer Good Karma philosophy: Grow Your Own and Smile All Day.

What Was Your Reason for Your Previous Answer?

When asked about reasons, the answers were scattered but most people said they grew their own because “it’s cheaper”, followed in popularity by “it’s fun.”

But here is the comment that made the case for home growing: “I can buy seed that is superior to local weed. I control the environment. I decide when to harvest.”

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you so much everyone.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  Stay home, stay safe, and grow your own.

Good Karma and Good Growing to you.


full size image of maryjane and big bud
Big Bud and MaryJane Farmer

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