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Free Cannabis Education

Learn Cannabis

Here is a great learning opportunity from our friends at Green Flower Cannabis.

You know by now what it’s like to sit at home, stare at your plants or your pets or your kids, and wonder what the heck to do with several months of the same lockdown stretching out before you.

Well, apart from doing what I do everyday (tend my indoor garden), why not get on the education train and learn some more about the plant we are talking about here.

Green Flower is offering a free online course, Fundamentals of Cannabis.  This course is part of their entire curriculum which leads to professional certification (click here to see the job available) as a cannabis expertYou can read about Green Flower in our earlier article here.

What’s not to like about this?  Nothing at all.  This is a high-quality course that usually costs $$$–offered for free.  And you undoubtedly have the time now or very soon, unless you are a healthcare worker (and if you are, then blessings on you and please stay healthy.)

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