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Medical Pot Illegal Again?

Does Trump want to take away your medical marijuana?

The budget proposal just sent to Congress from the White House might mean the Feds can come for your medical marijuana. And of course, nothing goes into a budget proposal that does not come from the lips of that very stable genius, the Person Really In Charge (“PRIC”), @reallyDonaldJTrumpolini.

According to a report by Kyle Jaeger in Marijuana Moment, the new White House budget contains two unsettling proposals.  Read ’em and weep. Or read about ’em, anyway.  The US Budget is too heavy.

First, you have to understand how things work now: Even though marijuana is still illegal and the Feds consider it to be a demon weed on the same scale as, for instance, heroin, there has been a saving grace clause in every budget since 2014.  Heretofore, because of this saving grace part of the budget, the Justice Department is prevented from using USGummint money to go after states that legalize medical marijuana.  That prohibition keeps the Feds from coming for your medical marijuana and from suing states that want to allow medical weed.

But NOOOO–the very stable genius has come up with a budget that ELIMINATES that prohibition, allowing the Justus Department to use Federal (your) bucks to sue states that allow medical marijuana. (To be fair, 0bama’s budget also made the same proposal.)

To add insult to injury, the new budget also prevents Washington DC from legalizing weed.  Get real–does anyone really believe that a ban on weed will make DC a safer and saner place?

The best thing that could happen to Congress is if they passed a doobie around, or made laws while sitting down at the bong.  Congressperson: “Yo, dude, that Pentagon money request is like death warmed over.” Senateperson: “Bro, that came from some old white republicans.  Savage.”

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Medical Pot Illegal Again?”

  1. Nobody is coming for your Medical Cannabis! Trump also said that his opinion on Cannabis is that “it should be left up to the states”. And let’s start calling it Cannabis please. Marijuana is a derogatory and racist word. If you didn’t know that already. This leftwing author needs to smoke a different strain and state ALL the facts in her President Trump bashing article. I’m a grower, medical cannabis user, living in a fully illegal state, and I’ll still vote for Trump! Get over your “Orange Man Bad” attitude. You might actually smile once in a while. Was this comment mean? Sorry about that! ????✌

    1. “Marijuana is a derogatory and racist word?” I beg to differ. The term probably originates in Mexican Spanish and is widely used among organizations advocating use and legalization of marijuana (for instanced, NORML.) Although folklore attributes the use of the word in a negative context to Harry Anslinger, in truth he was more widely known for promoting Prohibition. After the end of prohibition, the previously neutral Anslinger began to refer to cannabis products as, variously, “hemp”, “cannabis” and “marijuana.” Because of the lack of clear distinction between strains of cannabis (sativa, indica and ruderalis primarily), the US DEA long regulated hemp as a controlled substance, creating confusion as to when CBD products not containing THC could be used legally. In other words, conflating the terms “cannabis” and “marijuana” as you have done, continues to perpetuate the confusion that led to more than 100 years of illegality for the medical benefits from cannabis.

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  3. Trump is the 1st president to say he would sign a bill to remove pot from schedule 1. That’s not mentioned in your article. Does the budget earmark money for a war against pot or just increase the dept funding in general? I appreciate your opinion but facts are so important.

    1. #trumpolini says a lot of things, most of which are not true and many of which are clearly inspired by something he saw on faux news. nothing he reads changes that, since he is essentially illiterate.

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