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What Is Kief?

What is kief?
Cannabis trichromes
“Image By David Dewitt”. https://thecozycoffee.com/kief-coffee/

Kief (pronounced like “brief”) is the powdery resin-containing stuff that results from grinding the cannabis bud. It is actually the trichromes that have been separated from the bud in the grinder.

What are trichromes?

Trichromes are tiny hairs or scales on the “skin” of the plant. They are kind of like the hairs on your body, and they usually appear when the plant is entering “puberty.” Just like people. On cannabis, the trichromes look like little fountains with a drop of dew on the tip.

Does kief have THC?

The trichromes contain a much higher concentration of cannabinoids and cannabinols including THC, as well as a higher concentration of the terpenes that give flavor.

What is kief used for?

Kief can be collected from the ground cannabis and either added to a typical joint, used in cooking or made into hashish.

How much kief is enough?

It takes very little kief to increase the usual effects of weed. Be careful when experimenting with kief–go easy on the amount you add to anything until you feel comfortable with your estimations of the effect.

Can I make kief?

Sure–it’s easy, quick and saves money. But you need a good grinder and a little time. Here is our article on How To Make Kief.

How can I use kief?

Kief can be painted onto a joint, smoked in vape chamber, added to recipes or made into hashish (which is the original use.) Just be very careful in how much you use. It is highly potent.

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