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Every Cannabizness is Essential

San Francisco was first but everyone is doing it now. I mean declaring that retail cannabiznesses, especially medical marijuana sellers, are “essential” businesses and can stay open during the lockdown.

California, Illinois, New York, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts all have declared that marijuana businesses can stay open for selling medical marijuana.

California and Illinois also allow recreational (so-called “adult use”) stores to stay open.  Party on.

If you are stuck at home, locked down, quarantined, and closed for business, you can go to your local legal supplier and hoard some weed.  Or–better yet–you could follow my advice and grow your own.

While waiting for the harvest (6-8 weeks), you can buy from the stores (expensive and dubious quality) or from the street (less expensive but still quality can be doubtful and even negative) or you can ask a friend with more foresight who has been growing her own for a while now.  (Hint: like me, MaryJane Farmer.)

But there is a huge problem in some of these states, maybe in almost all: delivery service isn’t there.  So for people who cannot leave their house, even for “essentials”, there is basically no option except to call a friend or grow their own.

Remember the story of the Ant and Grasshopper?  Don’t you wish you thought of that before the dread CoronaVirus came down on you?

So don’t wait.  Start growing your own now.  Here’s a couple of easy ways to start.

Buy your seeds here.  Buy your grow kit here.

Or go big and buy an indoor farm from Amazon.

TheBudGrower - Complete Solution - 150W HPS Grow Light - 24"x24"x72" Hydroponic 1680D Canvas Tent Mylar Interior - Nutrient Enriched Cali Super Soil - All-in-One Indoor Grow Kit - Premium Ventilation
  • PREMIUM HPS GROW LIGHT - Our TBG 150-Watt Light with 18,200 Lumens is ideal for ALL STAGES of growth; Low energy consumption along with a high reflective hood means your plants receive the optimal spectrum of light. Silent fan functions to quite production in your home. 150w output incentivizes low cost for the home. Perfect for first-time growers!
  • The Industry's MOST DURABLE GROW TENT – Heavy duty1680D Oxford cloth exterior makes this tent extremely durable; stitching for strength and light protection works to keep in 99% of all light and reduces smell. Our sturdy steel frame can hold up to a whopping 250 lbs! Plenty of openings for fans/ vents/ electrical cords; removable viewing mesh screen for viewing & removing humidity; bottom tray prevents water leakage on the floor and keep tent stay clean.
  • MONEY & ENERGY SAVING COMPLETE HOME GROW TENT KIT – Our all-in-one home grow kit provides more than what the competitors offer as well as save you time and money. The results come from years of research and development that is always expanding to be able to help first time and beginner growers through the growers' journey.
  • SUPERIOR CARBON FILTRATION SYSTEM – Eliminates 98.5% of all unwanted odors. Powerful fan moves air speeds up to 2550 RPM. Australian Virgin Charcoal for odorless indoor cultivation.
  • LIVING SOIL TECHNOLOGY! Our concentrate is fermented, allowing microbes to begin breaking down amendments into forms that can be absorbed by your plants. Multiple scientific studies have shown these microbes increase plant uptake of vital nutrients, such as phosphorus, and improve soil aggregation. This regulation also helps prevent any potential nutrient burn to your plant!
  • CALIFORNIA GROWING EXPERTS! WE OFFER A WORRY-FREE PURCHASE AND PROVIDE REAL SUPPORT! High-quality grow kit from a US supplier: You get what you pay for without compromising quality. Our competitors will gladly sell you hardware without soils or educational material. The Bud Grower is a dedicated group of professional growers that provides EVERYTHING needed for your home grow and encourages beginner growers to reach out to us so we can help you through every step of the journey.

And if you want to splurge and have a beautiful piece of furniture to grow your own with, check out the growing cabinet from The Armoire. (It’s in the photo at the top of the page–nice piece, right?)

LAST STEP–Add water.  Easy.

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  1. I wonder how many cannabis users have been affected by the Corona virus. Does this amazing plant and its medicinal properties have the answer to this crazy pandemic? Just a thought!

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