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What Makes the Best Grow Lights


Get bigger, better buds faster with the Best LED Grow Lights including Full Spectrum Grow Lights.



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We know it’s a big investment so we’ve hand-picked the best LED Grow Lights.


If you’re looking for the Best LED Grow Lights and full spectrum grow lights for your grow room, let us help you choose one. We know it’s a big investment and researching all the different options can take forever, so we’ve done the research for you.

We’ve painstakingly compared and hand-picked the best LED grow lights on the market to find the right ones for a whole range of different use cases. Whatever your growing needs or budget, you can find a light here to suit.

Below, you’ll find award winners, bestsellers, budget options, quantum boards, supplemental lights, lights for small spaces or large grow rooms, as well as the lights most favored by our readers—in other words, the lights other growers like you are already using to get results.

We’ve covered a lot of lights below. So for your convenience, here are our Top 11 recommendations for 2021:

You can get more information on how to get started growing cannabis indoors from our free e-book (get it in the subscription area just below this section), and from our regular reviews of the best grow tents, best nutrients, and other top tools and equipment for your growing operation.


Choosing the best light for your grow room depends on a few factors. You need a light powerful enough to cover the area where you grow, and that may vary depending on whether you have a dedicated space for seedlings and clones, or if your weed grows to maturity in one place.

Another factor is whether you want an all-purpose light, or if you plan to supplement it with other lamps for veg and flowering.

If you’re especially looking for low running costs or stealth growing, then LED grow lights are very much your friends.

Finally, at least with LED grow lights you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs, dealing with ballast, or running too hot. All those things were problems with HID HPS lights but they aren’t an issue with LEDs.

Let’s take a closer look at the best LED grow lights—and to help you choose the right light for your grow space we’ll make sure to include details of coverage area. And if you want to check coverage areas at a glance, just take a look at the table above.

How to choose the best LED grow light

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing an LED grow light to grow cannabis:

  • The area you need to cover: The first thing that you should keep in mind is the area that needs to be covered. By knowing this, you can decide how many LED lights you will need, and which type of LEDs will provide you the best coverage. In order to cover more space, more lights can be placed adjacent to each other.
  • The phases of the plant growth: If you need a full growth cycle, you can select a full-spectrum LED grow light to assist in all phases. Or many lights have switches and/or dimmers for each growing stage.
  • The angle of the LED lens: Also look for the angle of dispersion within the LED bulbs. The greater angles mean more coverage while the lesser angles mean less dispersion and more direct light.
  • Your budget: Factor in the features that are necessary for you and the amount of money you are willing to spend—both upfront and on running costs. An LED grow light can be expensive upfront, but can save you money long-term thanks to the much lower running costs.

Why choose full-spectrum LED grow lights?

The reason is simple.

Full-spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new product on the market and many growers are not all that familiar with these new lighting systems. Most people believe the giant fluorescent lamps or HPS and Metal Halide lamps are the best grow lights to use over an indoor growing marijuana garden, but they aren’t. Full-spectrum light systems have the advantage, because:

  • They mimic real sunlight
  • Encourage high yields
  • Can increase potency and flavor
  • Cost less to run over time
  • Run cool and don’t need extra fans
  • Don’t flicker or need ballast
  • Their lamps don’t need replacing for 50,000 hours or more—that’s years of trouble-free service
  • They’re safer and more environmentally friendly

Consider updating an outdated system to a full-spectrum LED panel today. If you go with one of the picks below, we’re sure you won’t look back.

Put together your grow room kit

Some useful gadgets that will be helpful in your grow room:

Sunglasses? Yes, we’re serious. You wear them outside, right? Protect your peepers from UV rays indoors too when you’re running a full-spectrum LED light. Remember, these lights are powerful!

Nutrients, even plants need their vegetables and minerals. The nutrients you give them don’t just affect yield, they affect flavor. Don’t have poop-flavored pot. Choose your plants’ nutrients wisely.

Grow tent. Yes, it’s a good idea even if you’re already growing in a closet or enclosed space. It’s easier to control the climate for your weed with a tent. You can protect them from stray light sources when they are supposed to be in the dark and you protect yourself from their light when you’re supposed to be sleeping. Plus, it keeps humidity under control and smells, too.

Light meter. Maybe you think only advanced growers use them, but you can use one, too. Then when you’re advanced, you’ll already know how to put them to good use!

Thermometer and hygrometer. Of course, you want to know the ambient conditions in your grow tent. We picked the most kick-ass model on the market to show you. It will last you for years.

If you’re looking for a complete grow tent kit, including lights and everything else you’ll need to grow, check out this Custom Grow Room Builder tool from GrowersHouse.com.

How does it work? Just select how many plants you want to grow, your preferred lighting (LED, HID, or CMH), and grow style (soil, coco coir, ebb & flow hydro, or flood & drain hydro) and the site will offer you a selection of complete grow room packages ready to have shipped to you. Once assembled, all you’ll need are some seeds!


We selected our list of LED grow lights based on the results they showed and the features they offer.

We have also taken into account factors like customer reviews, industry awards, and a close look at which lights have proven most popular with our readers.

And we’ve tried to keep our choices within the budget of the average home grower (with a few exceptions).

Finally, in the full article, below our Top 9 Recommendations, you’ll also find some great low-budget options, some supplementary lights for flowering, and a selection of grow lights for small spaces.

When you’re interested in any of the lights, just click the ‘Buy’ button.

We also highly recommend LED Grow Lights Depot and Growers House. Both give excellent service and it’s often well worth checking them out for exclusive deals and offers.



Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this massive buyer’s guide to the best LED grow light for your plants.  Good luck and happy growing!


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