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Sanders and Warren–Legalize Marijuana

There are two presidential candidates who understand and support legalizing marijuana–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

As I wrote before, Bernie supports full legalization–’nuff said. He doesn’t need to come up with a special plan–we know that we can trust Bernie because he says what he means and he means what he says.

Heretofore, Elizabeth Warren’s position was not spelled out. Now it is and it is great news for pot users, whether in or out of a legalized state and whether in or out of jail for smoking the devil weed. Well known for her signature phrase “I have a plan for that” Sen. Warren published a comprehensive plan called “A Just and Equitable Cannabis Industry”, where she makes the connection between marijuana prohibition and racism, between unjust and unequal treatment of minorities and imprisonment for marijuana infractions.

The plan is laid out in this article from Marijuana Moment by Kyle Jaeger. In her plan, Sen. Warren proposes descheduling marijuana within her first 100 days in office if Congress does not act. She will also restore the 0bama restriction on marijuana prosecutions by the Feds and will appoint officials who will carry out these plans.

Contrast that with the current position of the #trumpolini “administration” where, insofar as there is a coherent policy, it consists of finding anyone who is not lily-white and rich and throwing them in jail or sending them back to Central America, whichever is most onerous. (Yes, I know that is a slight exaggeration–but only slight.) Here is the article on #trumpolini.

Contrast that also with the non-plans of Joe Biden and Billionaire Bloomberg, who basically talk out of both sides of their mouth when they are not buying influence. Here is another great article about where those two are headed–nowhere.

So If this is an important issue for you, you might want to support Bernie with your bucks. Every little bit helps and he is by far the only Democrat standing who can defeat the Cheeto Jesus who has turned the White House a dirty gray color.

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