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kief raked in rows

How to Make Kief

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You can make kief easily and save money doing it. Here’s how. If you want to know more about kief, check out What is Kief?

  1. Use a good quality steel grinder.

    The grinder has to be built with three compartments: the grind compartment with a large pore screen to allow the ground bud to drop into the second compartment. Then there is a small sieve screen to allow the powdery kief to drop into the third bottom compartment.
    Check this article for good grinders.

  2. Break your bud into thumbnail size pieces.

    Smaller pieces prevent clumping.

  3. Grind long enough to get a coarse grind.

    You don’t want powder, but you don’t want big clumps either. Here is a picture.ground marijuana

  4. Open the bottom compartment and carefully scrape the kief into a glass container or bowl.

    The kief should be a fine slightly resinous powder. Don’t use plastic for storing it unless you want your kief to taste like Tupperware.kief in glass disk

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