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We Love Newbies

I just got this email from a newbie:

“Hi. So I just started growing my own. (Been wanting to do it for awhile!) I came across your website (I love it. Way more in depth then others!) So my question is (I will keep looking also) when do I start separating my babies (males and females)? They are 4wks old.  Also if I have more questions later on can I save your contact info? ”

Here is my response and it is good advice for every newbie:

“Thanks for that. We would like to publish your comment and will do that unless you object.  Anyway, to your question, you could probably check now.  Look at this comprehensive article for guidance.

However in reality what we almost always advise beginners is to buy seeds from a reputable seed seller, buy autoflowering seeds and make sure they are feminized.  It is worth the money in time and frustration savings.  I like ILGM and particularly their autoflowering White Widow strain, which is on sale recently.  Their seeds are guaranteed to germinate.
To expand on this answer, buying autoflowering feminized seeds means no hassling with lighting schedules, no hassling with separating fems and males, no risk of losing your crop to unintended pollination, and a near-guarantee that you will get a crop (barring disaster or not watering or something really outrageous.). In other words, it pays to spend the money.
Good Luck Good Growing Good Karma
MaryJane Farmer

6 thoughts on “We Love Newbies”

  1. Emma-Louise Sutton

    I’ve bought some lemon haze auto regular seeds. Do they grow as female plants to harvest from? I’ve never grown any seeds before. I just saw they were auto and figured that meant they were feminine autoflowering plants

  2. Phillip Conway

    I have a pond in my backyard and a fresh water creek can I use the water from either one of those my pond ppm is 130-140 and my creek is 225-240 bother ph at 7

    1. Yes you can use your pond water but you run the higher risk of importing mold spores and parasites. I would not use it, especially if you are growing indoors where the whole point is to control the environment.

  3. Hi I’ve been growing for about a year now and I’ve never really got the yields I’ve seen over YouTube if anyone could give me a reason or to what I could be doing wrong? I’ve got a 400w hps with 3 gallon smart pots, heater, fan the environment looks pretty good just don’t know why I’m not getting these results I’m looking for my nutrients is advanced nutrients Sensi coco ph perfect. Could anyone help

    1. Well first of all, growing is an art that takes time to learn. The yields you see on YouTube or quoted in articles or descriptions of seeds are yields what come from plants grown by a skilled grower in ideal conditions. That said, there are a couple of suggestions that might help: Use at least a five gallon pot or larger if you have the space. Roots don’t like to be crowded. 400W HPS might be enough for 4 plants as long as your light distribution is getting to all the canopy surface. I suggest a better choice is a 1000W LED which will use less power and provide more light energy. Or two 600W LED if you have more than four plants, so that you get an even light distribution. You should also have a hygrometer and thermometer to regularly check your temperatures and humidity. Indica likes slightly lower humidity and temperature than sativa, which is grown in the wild in lower altitude and more humid conditions than the typically mountain grown indica. This is a complex topic but best humidity is 65-80 for seedlings, 50-60 for vegetation and 40-50 for flowering.

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