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Our Big Buds Guide Website

bigbudsguideIf you are a long time subscriber to 420beginner.com you may be well aware that we have a companion website called bigbudsguide.com.

Over the past months we have completely rebuilt this site to provide a source of up to date information about medical marijuana and, additionally, a place where dispensaries and distributors in the US and Canada can list their businesses, helping customers to find them quickly and easily.

Listing a business with bigbudsguide.com can be on a free or subscription basis.  A free listing offers basic information, including address, telephone number, a photo of the business and email contact information, combined with a Google map location.  A search on the site will show the nearest dispensary to where a potential customer is located offering instructions how to reach it from where they currently are.

A subscription membership enables much more information to be provided including website address, a listing of items sold, pricing, a detailed business description plus additional photos which might assist promoting the outlet.

If you were not aware, because marijuana is still “illegal” at a federal level in the U.S. most normal means of advertising and promotion is not available.  It is not possible to advertise on Facebook or Google, for example, nor in local publications as a regular business can, so enabling directory listings via bigbudsguide can help potential customers find the nearest dispensary easily and quickly.  Both free and paid listings have the opportunity to receive recommendations and reviews from their customers to help to encourage new clients to visit them.

The benefits of marijuana for the treatment of an increasing range of medical conditions continues to grow and we believe it is important to let others know how this amazing plant can be used to both treat or alleviate symptoms. To that end we regularly publish articles on the site as well as providing links to the most recent news and publicity.  We also welcome guest articles and stories from readers who may wish to share their experiences to a wider audience.

As we know you are a committed subscriber to 420beginner.com we would also like to ask you to participate in spreading the benefits of bigbudsguide.com, so:-

  1. If you are a dispensary owner or work in a dispensary please consider listing the business in bigbudsguide.com. A free listing costs nothing and it will take only 5 minutes to add your details.  You do this directly at this link bigbudsguide.
  2. If you know a dispensary, or, maybe you are a customer of one, please encourage them to list with us. Alternatively, if you send us their details, we will contact them directly.  An email address would be the best option for this.

If you are using marijuana to treat a medical condition, or know someone who is, and you would like to tell others about the benefits, we would love to publish your story to enable more people to discover the potential of this type of treatment.  You can be assured of complete privacy as any personal details will not be disclosed unless you give permission.

If you have a story to tell please let us know in the comments below and we will contact you privately to obtain more details.

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