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New Grower’s Forum

MaryJane Farmer and Big Bud with their Grow Weed Tools

High!  MaryJane Farmer here.  BigBud and I have added a new Grower’s Forum to our site. You can ask questions about how to grow, what to grow, when to grow or indeed anything at all.  You can answer other grower’s questions.  Soon we hope to add a community function so people can get to know other growers.  For now, check our Grower’s Forum here and introduce yourself.

And remember, karma means that what goes around, comes around. Be kind to each other.

3 thoughts on “New Grower’s Forum”

  1. Michael,
    I’m a greenhorn grower just starting. I was going to ask has anyone used or have knowledge on a COB led light? Has 2 knobs one for veg and one for bloom?

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