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Dried out hemp bud with seeds

What Is Germination?

What Does Germination Mean?

Germination is the process of growing a plant from a seed. From Seed to Weed.germinating seeds

Can I germinate marijuana seeds to get cannabis plants?

Yes. In fact, germination is one of the best methods to be sure you have the strain and quality of weed crop that you want to harvest.

Where can I get seeds to germinate for my pot crop?

You can often find seeds in the bud product you buy from a dealer or dispensary, particularly if the product has not been cleaned thoroughly. But MaryJane Farmer recommends buying your seed from a reputable seed bank to ensure the best quality.

What seed bank do you recommend?

We generally recommend ILoveGrowingMarijuana for good quality, large selection and experienced guaranteed delivery with discretion. ILGM is based in the Netherlands.

How much do cannabis seeds cost?

Depending on the variety, seeds are usually $3-10 per seed. For instance, ILGM sells a good beginner strain called “White Widow Autoflower” for about $6 per seed when you buy 10 and get 10 more free.

Is it legal to send marijuana seeds through the mail?

Good question and the answer is maybe. Certainly it is highly risky to send cannabis seeds from within the US, because that involves interstate commerce of a potentially illegal product that can be traced to YOU. However, receiving marijuana seeds from ILGM is highly unlikely to result in problems, legal or otherwise. This advice is not legal advice but is based on about 20 years of shipping experience.

What happens if customs seized my seeds?

Reputable seed banks will replace seeds that are lost, stolen or damaged in transit. If US Customs finds your seeds (very unlikely), then you will get a notice of interception which you can send to ILGM for replacement seeds.

Where can I learn more about germinating marijuana seeds?

MaryJane Farmer’s staff wrote an entire article devoted to every step of growing from Seed to Weed. There is an extensive section on the different methods of germination. And you can also download our FREE book from the order form on the right.

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