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Learning to Grow

A New Grower Wants To Learn

A reader recently wrote “One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is go on vacation to take a hands-on class on how to indoor grow. I am so nervous about starting, sometime I think that if I physically could see it, it would make more sense to me.  The main thing to me is potency, and being able to make sure I can produce flower with A+ quality.”

Well, most everyone learns by doing because each person develops a technique for growing and harvesting the flower she particularly favors.  That said, marijuana in most instances grows like a weed.  It is extremely hardy and can grow in almost climate and soil condition.

But it is possible to learn some tricks and techniques that will speed up the learning process.

Online Course or Book?

There are online courses and there are free or paid books that go into great detail on cloning, germinating from seed, varieties of plant, materials needed, time needed, growing conditions like light and soil.  Here is the article that talks about some of these course and book options.

Then for a quick index to everything on our site, where many of these topics are discussed in detail, click on our site map and scroll down through the articles listed there to find what you might need.

Probably, the most important element for successful indoor growing is lighting! Nothing will grow without adequate light. You can read some extensive guides covering the many and varied lighting options here As this is often the most expensive investment you will make it is well worth taking time to consider the most appropriate light set up for the indoor growing space you have both now and for the future.

Save Money at Our New Store

If you are in the process of setting up your first indoor grow or considering expanding your existing space and will need additional lights and you don’t need to install them tomorrow we have a money-saving solution for you.  As you may, or may not know, almost all of the most popular brands are not manufactured in the U.S. and are imported. The current problems associated with Covid-19 have caused shortages due to reduced manufacturing but through 420.beginner.com, we have obtained some substantial discount offers on popular brands. We recommend checking them out as this may well enable you to purchase a better quality light which will help to make your crop more productive and better quality.


Finally, if visual learning is your preference, here are a couple of good videos I recently reviewed:

Good Growing IS Good Karma


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