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LED Grow Lights are the best choice for indoor growing, whether you are growing vegetables, herbs or weed.  MaryJane Farmer gives you the research explaining why LED Grow Lights are now the preferred light source, how LED Grow Lights work and how to find the best lights for any budget, any space and any size grow operation.

High Quality and Low Cost LED Grow Lights from MARS

I recently got an update on new lights from our friends at MARS Hydro. Just wanted to pass on some of their news, give you a discount code and tell you why I like MARS as a Grow Light manufacturer. Factory Direct or Amazon? Some of the links in this article are direct to the …

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Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Grow Spaces

Great Sale on Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Weed. Our friends at Trimleaf are holding a sale and It’s a doozy.  Almost everything they sell is 20% off from now to the end of March.  And they sell practically everything you need to grow. Here are some examples. Rosin Presses Whether you are a …

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cannabis occupational hazard infographic

Coronavirus and Marijuana?

How Will Coronavirus Affect Marijuana and CBD? A recent article in MJBusiness Daily by John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman speculates on the impact coronavirus might have on various areas of the marijuana industry. Of course, by now you have figured out that the shutdown of China’s manufacturing plants in many parts of that country have …

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let there be light

Video Interviews at MJBizCon (2019)

MJBizCon 2019 in Las Vegas was the professional marijuana grower’s and CBD manufacturer’s and retailer’s chance to shine.  LED Grow Lights, CBD extractors, vapes and vape liquids, CBD Oil, marijuana advertising, and cannabis investing and on and on. With 35,000 people attending, it was crowded and busy but I was able to get a few …

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