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A Pot For Pot

You Need a Pot to Grow Your Pot?

Complete Grow Kit with a great name and a clever design.  Our friends at APotforPot.com have some super deals on grow your own complete kits.  Now you can grow weed just like any other houseplant or even like a –dare I say it– a weed.

Here is a link to their video showing you can get up to 8 ounces in less than three months.  Come on–that’s 64 great eighths.  For less than 100 bucks.  How much would you spend at the local Reefer Retail Ripoff?  800 bucks or more!!

Just start with one plant.  No worries about cross-pollination.  No hassle with figuring out a lighting pattern and then adjusting and adjusting again.  No grow space to set up and ventilate. Just one plant and plenty of weed in three months.

a pot for pot
A Pot Containing Pot for Under $100

Just add seeds from our friends at ILGM where you always can get a great deal–buy 10 and get 10 more free–stealth and germination guaranteed.

To make it super-easy, get one of the autoflowering feminized varieties. ILGM has a nice list of flavors and characteristics for all their seeds. Check it out.

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  1. Do you mix your super soil with other soil or do you use
    Only super soil for your plant . And can you add or do you have to add nutes to your grow or flower booster.

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