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How to Start A Marijuana Business Part 1 : Security

 5 Ideas to Secure Your Cannabis Business

The marijuana industry is steadily growing as more states are legalizing the use of it.  But anyone starting a new business needs to think about security. A cannabis business is vulnerable to theft and fraud just like any other.  In fact, having a new marijuana business is not easy compared to others. One factor that makes it riskier is the limited banking ability that every weed business faces.  This means that lots of transactions, maybe all of them, are made with cash.

Although it isn’t the Narco’s or Breaking Bad type of risky, you still need enough security since you’re dealing with large amounts of money on a daily basis. Also, let’s be honest, it’s marijuana that we’re talking about here and someone out there is itching to get their hands on it.

So, if you are planning on starting a marijuana business, here are five things to prepare in safeguarding it.

You need cyber-security checks

Almost every business uses electronic methods to store information. From your cash register to your cellphone, every part of this cyber network is vulnerable to hacking, even in simple ways.  This is why it is important to safeguard not only the physical parts of your business but also the non-tangible parts of it.

Cyber hackers could easily get to one of the most neglected and vulnerable parts of a marijuana retail system. Your Point of Sale System plays a huge part in this. It holds all of your business transaction details as well as transportation, delivery, and customer information.

The most common type of cyber-crime is known as Ransomware. It’s how hackers can hold sensitive data for ransom . They can also change prices through the use of your POS system.

Last 2017, a cannabis company had two separate incidents of cyber-attacks. Its software and POS system was shut down but luckily, no customer data was compromised. You can avoid this by having frequent cyber-security checks.

Some third-party security experts can do this for you as well. They’ll cover any inadequacies and loopholes in your system.

Through your POS system and inventory management software, you can also detect and avoid theft on your own just by managing your inventory.

Keeping it “safe”

A common way that thieves use when trying to get through establishments is simply just by smashing through the walls and windows. Having a safe can protect not just your cash but can also be a good storage area for your cannabis products.

However, before storing your cannabis products inside a safe, you should store them inside jars or other airtight containers first. In addition to this, make sure that the humidity inside is below 65% – an ideal measurement is about 62% humidity. Meanwhile, the optimum temperature should play between 65-70°F.

There are different types of safes to choose from. It can be fireproof so you wouldn’t have to worry when there’s fire at your store when you’re away especially since both cash and marijuana are highly flammable. You should also consider having a waterproof one for when the sprinklers come on.

An electronic safe that uses bio-metrics can be a good choice too so you can manage the people that have access to it.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance cameras are one of the most important components in keeping your business safe. They serve as extra eyes around the establishment whether you’re in it or not. It isn’t important to have lots of cameras around – just make sure that the cameras have good placements in every possible angle inside and outside the building.

Furthermore, those cameras must be monitored round the clock. If ever you need it, surveillance records are usually archived on a computer system.

Every state has different requirements when it comes to video surveillance systems. For instance, in California, you need to have a minimum camera resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p) pixels and no less than 15 frames per second.

Outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras can deter possible thieves knowing that their faces might be seen in HD with those cams. However, they also need to be vandal-proof and weatherproof.

Security Systems

Want to make sure that your business is really secured? Look for the best security system available in your location. This can give you a peace of mind knowing that there’s a third-party involved in protecting your assets.

Before settling with a security company, thoroughly research its services. Read about reviews and do not solely rely on its websites. We all know that these companies only post the good stuff in there anyway.

A regular security system consists of cameras, motion sensors, detectors, locks, as well as a video surveillance that was mentioned earlier in this article. All of these are essential for any marijuana business.

A professionally installed and monitored alarm system is connected to a nearby local law enforcement so you can be sure for a rapid response whenever needed.

You might prefer old and conventional security to protect your business. However, conventional alarms have a high false alarm rate. DIY systems can be good but it’s better to stick with the professional installation.

The right security system can vary from business to business. Usually, a security professional will assess your area to know what kind of security solution would suit you and at the same time would comply with any laws in your state.

Your Personnel plus Emergency Plans

Your personnel or also known as the budtenders are also essential in having a smooth-sailing and secured business. They are the ones personally dealing with your customers and have access to your assets on a daily basis.

Aside from the usual work processes, it is important to make sure that your budtenders are aware of safety procedures in case of an emergency. They should know how to detect and respond correctly to threats.

You can opt to add security guards to your team. Making them blend in with the other personnel around the area can make the customers feel less queasy in entering your establishment.

However, big guys with a huge “Security” emblazoned on their shirts can also make potential robbers second guess about going in too.

All in all, every personnel must be knowledgeable about your business’ standard operating procedures (SOPs). It won’t hurt to be proactive and conduct meetings as well as regular drills from time to time.

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