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How The Green Sunshine Company’s Dimmer Makes It Super Easy To Grow Marijuana

A long, long time ago lights, even the newly introduced LED variety did not have a dimmer. Maybe you remember those days and how easy it was to fry your plants with the excess heat.

Fortunately, those days have gone and most, if not all quality lights these days include a dimmer as one of the features. However, just having a dimmer does not always solve the question as to when it should be used, or how it needs to be used at each stage of your plant’s growth.

The Green Sunshine Company’s newest Electric Sky V3’s can solve these problems for you. Whether you are a beginner, Experienced, or Professional they have skill level recommendations so your grow goes well without a hitch. And, if you are confused about where to place your light for each stage of growth they have distance and intensity instructions printed right on the dimmer!  So no hunting around for an instruction booklet or trying to decide which combination is required the answer is right in front of you along with the dimmer switch.

Additionally, on all Electric Sky V3’s, you can turn them up to 11 with an overclock feature, boosting the power wattage output 10% over their previous models of V2 and V1 grow lights.

Want to know more? You can view a video explaining How Does the New V3 LED Dimmer Work? by clicking this link. It’s only five minutes of your time but could save your grow and greatly improve your yield.

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