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Dip Devices Vaporizers

Dip Devices have recently provided us with some details about their products and their philosophy as a company.

We thought it well worth sharing with those of you who may prefer vaporizers utilizing concentrates rather than weed.

Dip Devices launched in 2014 with a goal to innovate the way concentrates are consumed. Being the originators of direct-to-concentrate technology, their vision has been to create devices that adapt to their user’s lifestyles.

Based out of Denver, Colorado, and with product design in Houston, Texas, they are a small team of entrepreneurs and designers committed to listening and responding to the changing needs of the customers they supply.

Their main objective is to transform the narrative on concentrates and to push the limits on portable cannabis consumption.

On their website, they say this about their products:- 

“Unparalleled in versatility, our devices evolve and adapt to you. Artful and innovative engineering allows you to consume cannabis how, when, and where you want. All designs feature our patented airflow technology, eliminating the need for inconvenient butane torches, and easily adjustable power settings elevate your experience with purer flavors and more clouds.”

Their vapes are stylish and offer advantages over some other brands we have seen. Certainly, the lack of need for a butane torch is a very convenient innovation 

They are also committed to aiding social and environmental initiatives and do so by donating a portion of proceeds to a variety of causes. 

So here is a selection of their vapes as well as some of the accessories and promotional items they offer. If any of these are of interest you can view more detailed information on their website by clicking the view all products button.

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