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Cannabis Cures Everything

According to an article in Vice, and posted as a serious (?) topic on Leaflink, “Smoking Weed Cures All Diseases, According To People Who Like Smoking Weed“.  The actual article discusses research purportedly showing that people who smoke pot overestimate the health benefits of the demon weed. So much for the debate over medical marijuana, right?  Well, not so fast.

When I saw this headline, I was sure it must be another example of the contemporary profusion of jokes that write themselves. Then I had second thoughts and third and fourth thoughts.  Is this article simply satire?  Is the headline a serious effort by a fanatical pothead?  Is the supposed research in the article worth the paper it’s printed on?  Or the farts that pass for presidential proclamations these days?

As it turns out, the answer to all of these questions appears to be no.  Basically, the article says that 500 pot smokers believe that ganja smoking is “effective in treating epilepsy, depression, and some forms of cancer.”  And of course, the bigwigs at the National Academy of Sciences disagree, because there is not “sufficient evidence.”

Wow! What a revelation!  There is no research evidence into how marijuana interacts with the body because —well because virtually nobody is allowed to do any such research (legally.)  DUHHH.  Or as Homer Simpson would say:

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