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Beautiful Marijuana Plant (Cheap Indoor Grow Details)

What a great demonstration of outstanding results!

Goodbye my stinky skunk, you were a hearty plant, time for the next phase! from r/OKmarijuana

This is a reddit post from a successful grower, showing what a really good plant should look like.  This person used an LED Grow Light from Amazon in a Grow Tent also from Amazon.  The variety is called Bestial Skunk and is similar to Super Skunk sold from ILGM.  This particular plant was grown from a clone that was from seeds sold by an Italian company, Elite Seeds.

The grower used some coco and organic soil from a local garden store, along with some Dr. Earth nutrient and fish fertilizer.  As the grower says in the reddit post, it was “mostly just water and love.”  Here’s hoping MaryJane Farmer can get an interview and some more details from this very successful grower.

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