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An Introduction To New Services From 420 Beginner

If you are a long-standing subscriber to 420beginner.com you will no doubt be aware that in articles we post, both informative and product reviews, we normally include links to products we have mentioned. 

Whilst we will continue to do for many of the items required for growing cannabis we have also now decided to offer a selection of the most commonly needed products direct from our site and we felt it might help to explain why we have decided to do this.

Covid-19 as we are sure you are aware has, and still is, having a major effect throughout the world, and the products and materials used for growing marijuana are by no means exempt. Many of these, or parts of them, are manufactured in the far east, primarily in China, Taiwan, and India. As a result, shipping delays and container backlogs at ports are causing major shortages and delays in components arriving in the U.S and elsewhere.  We had begun to notice that even on Amazon clicks through to links we had provided frequently resulted in an item being “out of stock” with no indication of if or when it might become available.

Another problem you will probably have read about is a shortage of “chips” (not potato ones). This problem primarily affects LED lights that require chips to operate and we all know what a shortage means! Yes, price increases and limited stocks.

One additional aspect is that many suppliers and manufacturers are international and it has come to our attention that in some cases prices displayed on supplier’s websites could be labeled as misleading as they did not include additional costs such as shipping and taxes. 

This is not meant as a criticism as we are fully aware that to include these within the product information is not always straightforward.  However, the result is that pricing that looked attractive on the site became far less attractive after shipping and taxes were added at checkout.  It became obvious that many potential buyers were abandoning shopping carts at the point when they realized that the amount they needed to pay was considerably more than the advertised price, even after applying coupon discounts.

Trying to keep up to date with links that would lead to in-stock products and correct and accurate pricing was becoming almost impossible and in order to offer our visitors a selection of products in a clear and transparent manner, we have launched the 420 Beginner Shop. 

For the time being products offered through the shop are only available to our visitors in the U.S. (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii – sorry folks). This has allowed us to offer the following:

Pricing that will not change when you checkout. The price quoted is all you will be asked to pay.

Free Shipping.

Fast Delivery with tracking. Delivery times are normally displayed on the product information page so you will know when to expect arrival.

Manufacturers Guarantees on all items purchased.

Stock levels updated automatically to avoid out-of-stock issues.

We hope that the option to purchase via 420beginner.com without the need to go to a 3rd Party Website will be an attractive option to our visitors and will enable the acquisition of the items needed without the frustration of dead links or unexpected costs at checkout.

We are sorry that in order to launch Our Shop we have currently had to limit purchases to U.S residents and we hope to expand the scope in the future.  However, if you do not live in the U.S. but find a product you would like to purchase please do contact us and we will try to obtain this for you.  As mentioned many manufacturers and suppliers do have facilities outside the U.S. including the U.K, Canada, Europe, and even Australia but pricing, shipping, and taxes may well result in different pricing structures. 

We will be happy to check the details for you and advise if the item is available and the local price and delivery options. Or alternatively, we may be able to offer an alternative but equal product at a comparable price.

Our Shop is just one of the changes to 420beginner.com that we are currently undertaking to improve the website and offer a better user experience for our visitors and we will update you as these progress over the coming weeks.

For now, we would like to thank all our subscribers for supporting the site. We hope you find the information we provide useful and beneficial. And don’t forget we always welcome your comments and any suggestions you may have to improve the service we provide.

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