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420 Beginner Website Updated

420 Beginner, as its name suggests, was launched several years ago to provide advice and information to new growers.  That has not changed. As more US states, and indeed other countries, have embraced the legalization of marijuana the opportunity for individuals to grow their own plants has dramatically increased. One of our main purposes has been and will continue to be helping and guiding people to successfully grow fruitful plants.

However, we recognize that many of our visitors and subscribers have now been growing for several years and are no longer “beginners” but experienced growers.  And, as a result, are looking for more detailed advice to improve their yields and keep up to date with new strains, techniques, and equipment that will enable them to maximize and perfect their crops.

Additionally, the granting of commercial licenses has brought new opportunities, which require different methods and equipment, with a much greater investment and the added risk of larger losses if something goes wrong during the growing or harvesting stages.

We decided that 420beginner needed to adapt to the new market conditions and we have undertaken a major review of the website to address areas we felt we had failed to cover adequately.

As a result of this, we also realized that with some 300 articles we needed to re-arrange the site menu to enable visitors to easily find what they were looking for.  It became clear that some of the most important articles were “buried” and difficult to find and in many cases contained out of date links that led to unavailable products or other articles both on and off the website that no longer existed or, even if they did, were also out of date.

One of the decisions we made was to introduce “Our Shop” where we include products that we know are available and offer both fast US delivery and Free Shipping with a quoted price that does not change when you add it to the cart and purchase.

We have also edited the site menu so that you will find new headings for New Growers, Experienced Growers, and Commercial Growers.  Each of these has sub-headings leading to specific subjects with articles related just to that topic. So if you want information about lights you can click that link and find only articles relating to lights.  The same applies to Seeds, or How to Start, etc.

Equally important we have found a way to ensure that the most important or most informative articles will always appear at the top of the list of articles so you will not have to search through several of these to find what you are looking for.

You may notice that you will find similar headings under the New Growers, Experienced Growers, and Commercial Growers menu items but these will correspond to the related heading. Commercial growers have different lighting requirements to home growers for example. Experienced growers may well be looking at techniques such as Mainlining or Low-Stress to improve yields but everything in the menu is available to everyone. 

We have also continued to include articles about Medical Marijuana, Vapes and Vaping, CBD, and, of course, a News section where we post articles of general interest.  Our Product Reviews area is still there as well as Grow Guides but many of those articles will also appear in the appropriate Growers sections as well.

We hope the revisions we have made will help you to enjoy your visit to 420 beginner and that you will now find all the information you are looking for much easier. Our primary aim is that you will gain information and help from the articles we provide and that you will enjoy reading the content and that it will help you to grow beautiful plants whether that is at home or in a commercial environment. 

Finally, please do let us know if we can do anything further to help you to enjoy the site.  Your comments, questions, and observations are always welcome.  And yes we do read them all,  respond where appropriate and take note of suggestions.  So please do use the comments section on any of the articles you read to get in touch.

2 thoughts on “420 Beginner Website Updated”

  1. I’m a newish grower, just finished my third outdoor grow while mangling two indoor grows in a tent. I’m not where I was three years ago but I’m slightly more than a novice at this point, and I’ve appreciated 420beginner from the start. Whatever you’ve got for us next, bring it on!

    1. Hi Lane

      Many thanks for your comments. We really appreciate your views about 420beginner and hope we have helped with your progress. We wish you great success with your grows long into the future.

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