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When Should I Plant Marijuana?

When should I plant (germinate) marijuana seeds?

If you intend to continue growing indoors, then now is the time to start your pot garden. Ordering the seeds and the germinating equipment will take up the first week or two, sometimes more.

What do I need to start growing pot?

First you will need seeds. You can cull your own from a dealer or dispensary buy of poorly-cleaned bud, but for best results MaryJane Farmer recommends ordering from a reputable seed bank. We use ILGM for good quality, discreet delivery and good prices. After seeds arrive, you have several options for planting, but for beginners an all-in-one grow kit is the ideal solution. Here is a good choice for your first weed garden.

How long until my pot seeds sprout?

You will see cotyledons (little leaflike structures) in about a week. These are not true leaves, which will appear later. Overwatering or rough handling at this stage can ruin your plant.cotyledon on germinating seed

When does the marijuana plant produce leaves?

For two to three weeks, the small plant is producing a strong root system. At some point in this stage. you will transplant the strongest plants to larger growing pots. You will also cull out (remove) the weak plants.marijuana leaves

Where can I learn more about starting Weed from Seed?

MaryJane Farmer has a number of comprehensive articles for growers from beginner to advanced. If this is your first weed garden, start with this article. You can also order our FREE book from the form on the right.

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