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How To Grow In A Small Space

How Much Space Do I Need? This is maybe one of the most frequent questions MaryJane Farmer gets from people wanting to grow their own pot, but not ready to commit to spending lots of money and time.  In other words, can I grow as an experiment?  Can I grow marijuana successfully at a low cost?

Yes You Can Grow At Home

The answer is an unequivocal YES, YOU CAN.  And it is easier than you could imagine when you use a grow kit that is built for DIY growers.  Our friends at ILoveGrowingMarijuana have just told us about a new grow kit that they like.  MaryJane took a look and likes it too.

Here is the Easy Answer to the Question

This is APotForPot and the smallest grow kit, for one plant, is just the right size for a windowsill.  Did you every grow basil at home?  That’s not much different than growing weed in this self-contained, everything-included grow kit.  The product specs suggest you can get “8 oz. in 80 days” from your plant, but with a little ingenuity and the right LED Grow Light, we bet you could do better than that.  Here’s the video link for the company.

Grow More than You Expect?

What do you need to do a little better? Well, with LowStress Training and a Grow Light like this one, you might be able to double your yield or better, just by doubling the number of colas your single plant produces.

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MaryJane has a How To article on Low Stress Training here.  With the APotForPot grow kit and some seeds (which are readily available at ILGM), you are on your way to your first successful home-grown harvest.

Tell MaryJane Your Story

I would love to hear how well you do with this new Grow Kit.  Send me photos through my electric mailbox at MaryJane@420Beginner.com.  Or comment, criticize, suggest or ask questions in the comments below.

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