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Marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds – Where Can I get The Best Deal?

Marijuana SeedsGrowing your own marijuana successfully begins with planting the best possible marijuana seeds.  Maybe, you have managed the art of pollinating your own but if you are a beginner, or have not yet mastered pollination that means buying your seeds.

Marijuana seeds are not cheap.  Furthermore, due to the illegality of transporting them in the U.S. and other countries, they are not easy to obtain and carry certain risks. So what does MaryJane recommend?

If you have read our Seed Buying Guide you will know we provide links to a few seed suppliers that we recommend but, in our opinion, if you are looking for the safest and securest option with built-in guarantees you won’t do better than ILGM, that’s I Love Growing Marijuana!

They are not the cheapest, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  So why do we recommend them and what do you get for your money?


Buying anything on the internet is scary.  You are sending your money or using a Credit Card and want to be sure you will receive your purchase in good time and condition. ILGM has been writing about and providing seeds since 2012. They guarantee they will replace any seeds you order if they do not arrive, are damaged on arrival, or if they fail to germinate.  In other words, no matter what might happen you will get what you have paid for.

Here is an unbiased review from jrmitch319 on ResellerRatings:

“ILGM’s customer service is the best I’ve ever run into online. They completely honored their 100% satisfaction guarantee by sending me free replacement seeds for ones that I received and could not get to germinate. You can be assured that they will stand by their products so with the huge selection of seeds available and their 3 day shipping time to the USA why go anywhere else?”


ILGM  accepts a range of payment methods. Bank deposit or transfer, cash, or credit card.

They even accept Bitcoin (and it comes with a 10% discount).

While cash is the safest way to pay, a credit card is the easiest. They don’t save your credit card details and the transaction on your bank statement won’t have any references to marijuana or weed.

FREE Shipping

Shipping to all of the U.S. is FREE.

Shipping to Australia is FREE for orders above $150 USD but requires a $25 fee for orders below $150 USD. Their “invisible cloak” stealth packaging system is the best on the planet. That’s why most packages zip through customs with no issues. The package won’t say anything about marijuana or weed. And it sure as heck won’t look suspicious or weird. Seriously… you’ll love the way they package their seeds.

Massive Choice of Strains

Every marijuana strain on their ILGM website has tens or hundreds of reviews. You can read all the reviews on their site or check out the reviews for each specific strain.

For example, their “Buy 10 Seeds, Get 10 Seeds Free” offer has 1176 reviews and counting so don’t forget to click the “Deals” tab to see what the current offers are.

Here’s an example review from someone in Massachusetts:

“Very satisfied with the delivery time only took 5 days to arrive here in Massachusetts. Seeds sprouted in less than 24 hours. Plants are flourishing nicely 3 weeks in and they are doing excellent! I will continue to order seeds from ILGM! Best strains and great customer service!”

You will also find lots of helpful advice throughout the site, especially if you are new to growing or are not sure what are the right seeds for you.  You may want tall plants or short growing ones, high in thc or cbd.  All the information is clearly set out to enable you to make an informed choice and purchase the correct seed to meet your requirements.

So we suggest visiting the I Love Growing Marijuana website and having a look at what is on offer and what advice and guidance you can pick up while you are there.


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