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How Cannabis And CBD Are Changing The Beverage Industry

The past couple of years have been immense for the cannabis industry, with more users adhering to its consumption for recreational and medicinal benefits. Such a mark has witnessed a sudden decline in the synthetic medicine industry. Furthermore, ever since the introduction of the Farm Bill in 2018, there has been a significant rise in CBD products’ sales. This has allowed more industries to incorporate the use of natural supplements into their dishes and services.

Changing The Beverage Industry
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For instance, the hospitality industry came up with CBD spa and massage services a while back, followed by athletes and sportspeople consuming cannabis compounds and CBD pills to help with pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness. These steps have allowed the country to legalize recreational cannabis use in some states, which, in turn, has widened the purview for conceptual and innovative ideas into the cannabis sector. Following these actions, the edible and beverage industry has hopped onto the bandwagon to produce significant user-friendly products and services. To understand cannabis and CBD’s influence in these sectors, we need to go through them separately.

CBD and Cannabis Are On A Rise

 Revolutionizing The Beverage Industry
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One of the reports by the Zion Market states that the cannabis’ global beverage industry was worth around $1,610 million by the start of 2018. The same report summarizes that further sales can peak up to $4,460 million by the end of 2025. Post-Farm Bill introduction, some of the massive Constellation brands who are leaders in Modelo, Pacifico, and Corona beers, wines, and spirits increased their stakes of 10% to around 38% amid canopy growth. This amounts to an investment of about $4 billion. There is another colossal name, Molson Coors, who has recently made a significant investment in the beverage industry. The brand indicates that its executives and officials will be more interested in marketing cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverages.

One of the notable facts behind such a rise is the properties and effects of CBD and THC. While THC is responsible for producing mind-altering effects in high doses, CBD is non-psychoactive and produces soothing and calming effects It is also believed that cannabis-infused beverages can also aid in exhausting hangovers. Keeping these factors in mind, several users are open to trying cannabis and its derivative compounds instead of alcohol. Moreover, one of the studies suggests that since cannabis is proliferating, cigarettes and alcohol have hit the downside. Also, make sure to buy THC from a trusted thc store to get the best results.


With more people open to the idea of trying cannabis, alcohol sales have continued to drop. Another recent study indicates an increase in preference for cannabis over cigarettes and alcohol among the youth.

Cannabis Edibles Are Among The Top Food Trends

Changing The Beverage Industry


If you check the 2018 reports of The Specialty Food Association, you will find cannabis edibles trending in the 8th position. When it comes to rules and regulations surrounding cannabis in the commerce industry, they play a significant role in its decline and rise. However, the beverage industry is experiencing a similar shift in the role, but this time around, CBD and cannabis-infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Even though the cannabis sector was in a stalemate a few years ago, it is not the case now.

Cannabis in 2020 has stepped forth the shadows and has given rise to the stir in the beverage industry. Owing to their therapeutic properties, several users and hospitality outlets are incorporating CBD and cannabis-infused drinks, and other products.

Why Consume CBD and Cannabis-infused Beverages?

Changing The Beverage Industry
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CBD and cannabis oil are now vital parts of vaping, smoking, and edibles. Recipes like cannabis-infused mojito and cocktails have entirely changed and revolutionized the cannabis beverages’ complexion. However, there is yet another factor, which plays a vital role in promoting such infused products – smoking. An act of smoking or even vaping, for that matter, involves smoke inhaling, which can affect your lungs. This might not prove to be detrimental but can cause severe health issues. Following this, many people have instead adhered to CBD and cannabis-infused drinks. Through these, they can monitor the THC and CBD dosage and observe the changes.

In Europe and the US, several cafes and restaurants offer various concentrations and amounts of cannabis and CBD, allowing consumers to opt for the right intake amount. In case you want to experiment a little bit, try ordering CBD oil-infused pizza or cookies.

Final Thoughts

Since CBD attained its legalization throughout the US, several companies and users have used the supplement through products, services, or experimentations. Such a situation has also enabled centers and outlets to form their recipes, keeping CBD’s non-psychoactive nature in mind. But, in the end, the factors that determine the legality and usage of CBD and cannabis in the beverage industry are their recreational and medicinal properties. While users are making a massive shift of interest, industries produce more such beverages to equal the supply-demand channels.

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