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Free Book on Email ListBuilding

As you know by now, I have started doing much more online marketing.  Growing my own is rewarding in many ways, but it doesn’t pay the bills.  Too many taxes and fees and licenses to even start with that as a business.

One of the essentials in online marketing is email list building and using automation to contact interested people often over a long period of time.  Creating trust by giving information or even simple apps is a proven way to find customers for whatever business you are building.

You might have seen a recent post from me offering to build a website for your business, no matter what sort of business it is.  A website is certainly important, but by itself a website won’t bring in many customers.  To bring in the customers, you need to know how to use an email list and how to grow that list over time.

So here is a free book that introduces the subject of list-building and some of the ways to make a success of any business using your email list.  Just click on the picture or on this link and the book will download to your computer.  It will be a zip file that will automatically open when you click on the file itself.  I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Remember what everyone says:  The Money is In the List.

So get your book and check out GetResponse.  (By the way, I also use AWeber for mailing contacts. However, I have lately discovered that GetResponse has far better customer support, which is essential if you are new to affiliate marketing.)


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