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Five States Vote to Amend Marijuana Restrictions

marijuana restrictionsDespite the fact that Donald Trump seems determined to contest the results of the election one clear result has emerged. Five states have voted to loosen the restrictions on the use of marijuana.

New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana all voted to legalize cannabis for all adults over the age of 21

South Dakota and Mississippi voted to establish medical marijuana programs. 

Of course, it will take time for legalization to take effect in each of the states, but when in force it will mean that medical marijuana will be legal in 35 states, meaning a majority of Americans will have some form of access to legal marijuana.

Assuming, as seems almost certain, Biden becomes the new president in January 2021 the addition of these states will add further pressure on the government to amend federal law in regard to marijuana usage and possession. Potentially amending marijuana restrictions countrywide. The one obstruction may turn out to be who has control of the senate.  If Republicans maintain control they could block reforms and if past performance is anything to go by most likely they will.

However, the amendments at the state level will probably result in an increase in the number of people looking to grow their own cannabis either for medical or recreational use.  Many may well first time growers with no real experience of all the requirements needed for a successful grow.

Setting up the environment for a successful crop takes both time and money and getting it right from the get-go will make all the difference to the eventual outcome.

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A hard copy of the guide alone (without the extra ebooks) is available from Amazon. It’s not cheap at  $94.95, and may not be immediately available, but if you prefer to have a reference book you can take into your grow space, it could be cheaper than buying a course—or making all the mistakes you might otherwise have made without it!

Although we fully recommend this book as the most comprehensive in-depth growing guide you will ever need it is by no means the only resource available. There are other books, courses, and certifications available for new and experienced growers to build on their knowledge and experience. You can read about several of these in our previous article on this topic, best-cannabis-growing-courses

You can also download our free beginner’s guide to get you motivated and on your way to your first successful crop of buds!

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