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Common Methods of Consuming CBD Hemp Flowers

CBD hemp buds have several health benefits, from relieving stress to managing certain illnesses. Since each user is different, there are several ways for you to consume it besides conventional smoking. 

Below are the most effective ways to use CBD hemp flowers.  


The most common and fastest way to inhale the hemp buds is by vaping or smoking to make them go straight to the bloodstream. You can roll a joint for the highest CBD concentration and fastest delivery, but it is more punishing to your throat and lungs. Alternatively, you can use a vape pen to avoid the harshness of smoking pipes and joints. 


Most patients suffering from skin conditions and body aches prefer the tropical application method where the CBD is in cream or ointment form. It goes directly on your skin and works wonders for sore muscles and any form of pain. You only have to apply it to the affected area and massage it.

This method is the easiest since it doesn’t go into your body, and you don’t have to buy other accessories like you would for smoking. On the downside, you may need to apply more cream; hence a higher dosage and the effects relatively do not last long. 


Hemp buds can also come in tinctures that you take sublingually. Before ingesting it, you only have to place the drops beneath your tongue and hold them for some seconds. 

It is also discreet, easy to use, has lasting effects, and is easy to control the dosage. However, this method does not work the same for every user, and some are skeptical about the raw taste on the tongue. 


Some users find smoking too harsh and obvious. Some don’t like how CBD tastes. A fast-growing way to consume it is by ingesting it directly with your food or drinks. CBD can be infused in gummies, brownies, sweets, and tea, whichever you prefer. 

It is discreet enough for use even in public, and there are no restrictions on the foods to use. The only problem with edibles is that finding the correct CBD dosage can be tricky, especially since it takes a long time to kick in, and it is easy to ingest excessive amounts. 

The Best Way To Consume CBD

Retailers usually produce hemp buds in various forms, perfect for multiple groups. You can take them raw and dry them to smoke, add to your food, or buy tinctures that you take sublingually or add to your creams. It depends on your needs and which method is more effective for you, and we have all the options for you. 

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  1. BudsCannaCorner

    Most people make the mistake of consume CBD with THC, when I find they effectively cancel each other out.

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