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CBD Oil: How to Pass a Drug Test

Are you worried about taking a drug test because you have been using CBD oil.  Here is what you need to know about how to pass (or fail) a drug test even after exposure to CBD Oil.  CBD oil has many health benefits, for which it has gained quite a bit of popularity – even among those who don’t seek the “high”. That’s right, CBD oil is completely non-psychoactive and does not get you high.

5 Ways CBD Oil Can Fail Your Drug Test

Yes, if you love using CBD oil, it comes with one issue – you might fail a drug test.

In this post, we’ll discover why CBD oil users can, in fact, fail a drug test. But first, let’s quickly take a look at the top benefits of using CBD oil. 

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

For long, marijuana has been used to treat various diseases. Modern science has allowed us to find that Cannabidiol (CBD) is what gives marijuana its healing abilities.

As of now, CBD oil and other CBD based products are being used for numerous health benefits, including the following:

  • It can reduce pain
  • Helps in anxiety reduction
  • Fights depression
  • Reduces risks of cancer
  • Promotes healthy heart
  • Reduces acne

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How CBD Oil Can Make You Fail A Drug Test

Drug tests can be asked for at any time from employers, law enforcement agencies, or other relevant authorities. While it is very unlikely to fail a drug test if you use CBD oil but refrain from using any psychoactive substances, sometimes the unseemly might actually happen. Let’s discover why that might be the case.

#1. Low-Quality CBD Oil Containing THC

THC is the substance that gets a person high after using marijuana. CBD, which is usually extracted from hemp, can also be extracted from marijuana. Ideally, CBD oil should not contain any amount of THC, but in reality, high-quality products may contain less than 0.3% THC.

The problem might arise when CBD is being extracted from marijuana. During the extraction process, some THC can mistakenly be pulled out and gets mixed with the CBD oil.

Later, when you buy and use this low-quality, inexpensive CBD oil, you may also intake some THC unintentionally. And during a drug test, it is this little THC that can fail you.  So read our post on how to ensure you get genuine tested CBD oil from a reputable distiller. 

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Better yet, get your CBD from our friends at US Hemp or from Avid Hemp, another reputable company.  Green Roads is another company with tested products as is DirectCBD.  Any one of these three companies can be trusted to sell you uncontaminated CBD.

#2. Unfortunate Mix-ups and THC Contamination

While it’s rare, it’s not impossible that there had been some mix-up at the store from where you purchased your CBD oil, which leads to THC contamination.

Usually, most people get their dose of CBD oil from marijuana dispensaries. It is quite possible that the store salesperson had trace amounts of THC on their hands from handling a prior customer. When you walk in to buy your CBD, some of the THC residues can get transferred to your CBD oil and contaminate it.

Alternately, the materials used to handle the CBD oil may contain some THC residue. Although dispensaries use separate tools to handle different products, an honest mistake can happen any time, leading to a failed drug test on account of THC contamination.

#3. Too Much CBD Oil Can Ruin Your Drug Test

Let’s get a little into the technical details. CBD oil extracted from hemp can contain less than 0.3% of THC, which wouldn’t really fail you in a drug test.

However, if you consume way too much CBD oil, i.e. around 1000mg of CBD, then your body might accumulate a lot of THC that can fail you in your drug test.

While this is highly unlikely, it is not entirely impossible. Therefore, practice moderation while using CBD oil.

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#4. Exposure to Second Hand Cannabis Smoke

Secondhand marijuana smoke can transfer some THC to your body. Exposure to such smoke over a prolonged period means your body can accumulate enough THC to be detected during a drug test. So, even if you didn’t smoke the marijuana, being around heavy pot smokers for hours at a stretch can, in fact, result in a failed drug test. However, it is very unlikely to happen.

What is a more likely scenario, though, is if someone who had touched marijuana touches your hair, some THC is transferred to your hair. Later during a drug test, your hair can also be tested, thus failing you in the drug test.

#5. Breakdown of CBD in the Stomach

This might be one of the craziest possibilities, but it is a possibility. Once ingested, CBD oil can break down in your stomach to form – and here’s the crazy part – THC!

Yes, when CBD is exposed to strong acids, it can have a chemical reaction and form THC. It has been proven by scientists that CBD and acid can lead to THC in the stomach.

So, in the off-chance that this happens to you before you take a drug test, it’s possible that you might get tested positive for THC.

What You Can Do To Avoid Failing A Drug Test

So far, we’ve seen all the different ways CBD oil can bring you down in a drug test. Now, let’s discuss how not to fail in such a test merely by using CBD oil. If you’re a CBD oil, you should take the following steps in order to pass the drug test.

  • Make sure the CBD oil you use is pure and comes from a legitimate source. If necessary, ask your dispensary to show proof of their legality.
  • See to it that you use Bluebird Botanicals CBD Soft Gels. Low quality and inexpensive products can contain trace amounts of THC as discussed above.
  • Ask your dispensary to ensure that there is no THC cross-contamination.
  • Try out online CBD oil sources, as they do not deal with marijuana, thus reducing risks of cross-contamination.  Check out Avid Hemp, Made By Hemp Direct CBD, and Green Roads.
  • Don’t expose yourself to secondhand marijuana smoke, and avoid coming in contact with marijuana before a scheduled drug test.
  • If you have a scheduled drug test, shower properly and wash your hair.

MaryJanes’s Final Thoughts

While CBD oil can contain THC up to 0.3% from industrial hemp extract, this small amount does not make you fail a drug test. However, any more than this, and you risk yourself a failure in the drug test.

Therefore, use CBD oil for its benefits, but make sure that it comes from a reputable source. By following the recommendations stated above, you too can make sure that you don’t fail your drug test on account of being a CBD oil user.

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Be sure to send me your thoughts and comments below.  Thanks from MaryJane Farmer to our author Dave.

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This article has been contributed by Dave on behalf of THCDetox.biz. He is an avid traveler, loves surfing and the natural way of life.

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