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Cannabis and COVID-19

cannabis and covid-19Let’s make one thing clear from the outset! Neither cannabis nor any derivative, such as CBD or THC, offers a cure for the coronavirus.  And as things stand, at the time of writing there is no other cure available nor is there a proven vaccine currently on offer.

This does not mean that you cannot still enjoy the effects of cannabis. But, just maybe, you need to give some thought to consumption etiquette in particular how you share with your friends.

Here are some basic rules to follow:

Don’t Share

Bongs or hookahs are a prime method of consumption that has always been a group activity.  Passing the mouthpiece around amongst friends has always been a social method of smoking. That now really is no longer an option. Saliva can be a sure way of passing on the virus and as some people are asymptomatic, meaning they look healthy but they are actually infected, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Sharing a joint or even a vape was also not uncommon but now the same rules apply.  Keep the joint or vape to yourself.  Anyway, as social distancing is now the required norm you really should not be so close to anyone to even think of sharing.

Avoid Crowded Areas

The recommended distance between individuals to avoid potential infection is six feet.  It is a lot easier to do this in places where there are fewer people to start with so try to avoid crowded place particularly indoors.

Almost all cafes, bars and malls do not allow smoking of any kind so if you can avoid them so much the better.  If you do have to go shopping try to pick quieter times of the day if possible.


Even if you are the only one using a vape or bong do make sure it is always cleaned after use. This is good practice in any case as keeping it clean will improve the quality of the smoke. An isopropyl rubbing alcohol is recommended.

Wash Hands

This has been said over and over again so really should not need repeating but it is your hands that touch everything around you whether you realize it or not. So washing frequently is an essential part of keeping the virus at bay.

Wear a Mask

Yes, we know this is a somewhat controversial topic with some strong views for and against. However, we believe that the evidence in favor of the use of a mask has the edge.  It might stop you from catching the virus if an infected person coughs or sneezes near you.  If you were infected and not yet showing symptoms and not diagnosed you could spread the virus.  A mask should stop that happening!

Don’t Spit

Sputum from an infected person will contain the virus and spitting in a public area can transmit this to others who may come in contact with it.

Is Using Cannabis Good or Bad

The coronavirus attacks the lungs and smoking cannabis, often the preferred method to enjoy consumption also causes irritation and affects the respiratory system. As cannabis is not going to do anything to assist recovery it would be better to refrain from smoking until after recovery.  If you still want to ingest cannabis then why switch to edibles like gummies and cookies, or try it in your tea or fruit drinks. Another option could be mixing it with your favorite green vegetables or blend it with a smoothie.


If you are unfortunate and diagnosed with COVID-19 seek medical advice and assistance and follow the treatment your medical practitioner recommends.

Don’t try to self-medicate with cannabis.  You may well make your condition worse by doing so.

Cannabis treatments as the medication is for certain ailments, and COVID-19 is not one of them. There are no studies showing the effect of CBD and cannabis to COVID-19.

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