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Another Happy Newbie

Wow.  Two great compliments in two days.  I am blown away with gratitude.

One new grower wrote to request a link to the free ebook (which is here by the way) and wrote this very lovely note with his request:

“Hi my name is ************.   I’m extremely interested in your indoor garden e-book. I signed up for your newsletter (which is amazing) but never received the e-book. If it’s at all possible could you email it to me? If it’s a problem or inconvenience I completely understand if its not possible. I get more than enough guidance from your website. I’m just a nerd for information about growing your own cannabis and would like to add it to my mental toolbox. Thanks for everything KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO ?”

Thank you to all of my readers and please write me.  It’s so great to know I have made someone’s lockdown life a little better.

Good Growing IS Good Karma

MaryJane Farmer

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