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Bongs vs. Blunts – Which is better?

Bong Vs. Blunt

So, bongs and blunts both deliver a hit of marijuana to your system. Why choose one over the other?

Largely a blunt will give you less of a hit over a longer smoke. The bong, on the other hand, will give you a crashing hit that could put you on the floor if you’re unwary! There’s more to that, as you will see in this piece…

Anatomy of a blunt – blunt vs. joint vs. spliff

Joints and blunts are different. Thus, be careful if you ask someone holding a paper-rolled joint to ‘pass the blunt’ as they will spot you as a newbie to marijuana. What is a blunt?

A blunt is pure marijuana, which you roll in a tobacco or hemp leaf case. It is almost always brown from the cured/compressed leaf casing. A blunt can be thick or thin, cone-shaped, or straight. It will largely only be as Mother Nature intended – leaf holding leaf.

You can buy your own casings – check out Swisher’s, Backwoods, White Owl’s, and Dutch Masters. Many people buy a pack of cigars, hook out the tobacco, and ram in the bud for their own. If you buy a pack of fat cigars like Phillies Sweets, do be aware that they hold a fair bit of weed!

A joint is pure marijuana rolled in a paper case. Traditional, untreated rolling papers can be brown, but many papers are bleached white.

In your new circle of friends, you may be forgiven for asking whether someone is having a joint or a blunt. Note that the texture of the casing should give you another clue as leaves aren’t as smooth as paper (just say you left your glasses at home!). Another sign it might be a joint is that it could be multi-coloured – a nice rainbow coloured cone definitely won’t be a blunt.

And don’t ask someone smoking a joint for a ‘spliff’ as that’s different too! Spliffs are part tobacco and part marijuana. Europeans love spliffs, but over here, people prefer joints or blunts.

Anatomy of a bong

A bong, also known as a water pipe, will have an air pipe leading to a water chamber, and the bowl piece will have a pipe that goes into the water. There is a small air hole above the water. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from plastic party bongs that you can pass around and abuse, to ornamental works of glass art that will set you back a few bucks, but you wouldn’t pass round at a party.
Holding the air hole, you light the bowl of weed and inhale the smoke through the water. Then you let go of the hole and inhale hard, and the smoke will fill your lungs in one massive hit.

Some cool the water with ice cubes, with the idea that the water is there to cool the smoke as it passes through and into your chest. 

The water is said to take some of the harmful impurities from the smoke and make it better on your lungs. It is meant to be better for you than the blunt. The reason being – you’re only taking in the good stuff and no tobacco from the casing/residue from the original cigar.

Hits compared – bong vs. blunt

Bongs Vs. Blunts


Some say that a hit from a blunt is longer lasting. This isn’t always the case. You will find that you take in less smoke per draw from a blunt, so imagine on a graph, a lower angle line of intake compared to that of a bong. You could get very stoned on a series of blunts (particularly fat ones), but you’ll take your time getting there.

Think of a blunt as a six-pack of beer you get through while watching a movie. Think of a bong as a bottle of whisky! You will get a much bigger hit each time, and if caught unawares, you could end up wrenching and coughing hard from a blast as your body screams “WTF?!” at you. 

That said, not every whisky session is about getting hammered. A bit of control hurts no-one, and learning how much to take in is a skill in itself. Your first time, you may find your way to the couch for a doze – that’s part of the world of the stoner! A small hit now and again can make your evening pass gently in much the same way as you would enjoy a blunt or two.

Here are three good bongs we have discovered for you. Check them out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bongs

Why do some people prefer bongs?

There is no straight answer to this, but some people may prefer bongs because they:
Use up less weed compared to blunts
Provide larger hits
Are much smoother
Are safer to use over large periods of time because they cool down smoke, preventing it from burning your lungs, and filter out ash
Have parts that are easier to replace
Are easy to clean
Last longer if you don’t break them

How do I care for my water pipe?

If you want your bong to last long and stay in good condition, clean them regularly. Use filtered water to fill and clean your bong. Tap or unfiltered spring water will stain it due to mineral content.
Also, change the water in the bubbler daily and clean the bong once a week to prevent mold stains.

How do I prevent my glass bong from breaking?

If you drop your bong or knock it over, the chances are that it will break. To prevent this, keep your glassware in a hard case or bong bag when not in use. Doing this will also help to prevent scratches.

Is it illegal to own a bong?

Bongs are considered as drug paraphernalia, but simple possession is not considered a federal crime. However, in some states – such as North Carolina – owning a bong is illegal. Police will check for drug residue, and if you used the bong to smoke illegal or controlled substances, you might face drug paraphernalia charges.
Note that even if bongs are legal in some states, they are still illegal under federal law. Thus, selling them might land you in trouble with the authorities.

Different methods for different people?

If you have a respiratory condition (from too much tobacco use, for example) then you may struggle with the sheer impact of a bong. Blunts are lower impact though deliver far less of those medicinal cannabinoids in each hit than you get from the bong.

There are alternatives to bongs and blunts (not just the joints and spliffs above) that you can also try. Gummy bear edible anyone?!

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