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Who Is MaryJane Farmer?

MaryJane Farmer and 420Beginner

Hi, I’m MaryJane Farmer. I’m a recent graduate who has taken up a special horticulture crop… Yep, I’m talking about marijuana growing. (What, was it my pen name that gave it away?)

Actually, I started out with a very small hydroponic garden but I quickly saw the value of growing cannabis indoors. Not only do you keep it safe from bugs and other outdoor issues, you can control all sorts of aspects of plant growth more easily in an indoor environment. Best of all, you can get through more full grow cycles—and quicker—when growing indoors, so you can harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor all the more often. In fact, some now say that mine is the best crop they have ever tasted, once they’ve smoked enough of it! 😉

Anyway, I found my new hobby pretty fascinating, and now I do it as a business. However, I had to learn the basics of growing plants indoors the hard way, by trial and error.

So I thought I would start this blog to give new and even somewhat experienced indoor marijuana growers a few tips and ideas on how to make their crops grow greener.

Check back often for reviews of the best products for enjoying marijuana to the maximum. Check out our home page for LED Grow Lights if you’re a grower.  If you are new to growing, get our free Beginner’s Guide here. And if you have some great photos of your garden, pop them into the electric post office and send them to me: MaryJane@420Beginner.com.

The Real MaryJane Farmer

MaryJane Farmer seal of approval thumbnailMaryJane Farmer is the nom de plume for the publisher and principal writers of 420Beginner.  In that respect, MaryJane Farmer is sort of like Betty Crocker, who was invented to advertise flour milled by a company that later became General Mills.  Betty Crocker became so well-known that hundreds of women visited the company’s headquarters, trying to get her autograph.  Being a fictitious person, albeit a well-known one, the company had a department of people who generated recipes and answered questions from readers and later from radio listeners.  Over time, the image of Betty Crocker on a product reassured buyers of the product’s quality.

In a way, you can think of MaryJane Farmer as being like Betty Crocker, but for marijuana.

Marijuana loves light.

The more the better. So everything starts with the grow lights you install.

Because I had such a hard time finding the right grow lights for my planting areas, I decided to share my experience with the different lamps I’ve used, and also offer my opinion as to the best LED grow lights available every year. Other growers have also joined me, contributing reviews and guides.

As my blog (and garden) grew, many readers started asking other questions. They wanted to know about the use of grow tents, and which ones I thought were best (Gorilla Grow Tents, since you asked). They also wanted to know more about every type of lighting system for plant growth, so I decided to include a little bit of everything.

Now you’ll find articles here about everything from bud trimming machines to hydroponic systems, stealth grow boxes to nutrients, gift ideas for weed lovers to vaporizers. The list goes on…

I also regularly publish practical content around indoor weed growing, as well as guides to how to choose and use the products we cover.

I Love Reviewing

Is there something amazing I’ve missed?

A type of equipment you’d like to see reviewed more often?

If you can think of something we should cover or review please do contact me. The more I learn about marijuana growing and the equipment needed to get the lushest plants the happier I am.  And we would love to publish your photos of your crop or your setup or anything you think readers would like.  MaryJane@420Beginner.com

And it’s always good to know what our readers most want to hear and learn about, the problems you encounter in growing and how we can help you.

Anyway, I hope all of this information is helpful to you. Thanks again for visiting and do come back again soon for more reviews—we try to publish at least once a week.  We also regularly check and update our older content to improve it, add new info and bring it up to date.

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Do you have a new product you would like to publicize? Share it with us. Our staff writers would be happy to create an 800–1200-word review for it. It would be published here on our site.

Please send an inquiry to MaryJane@420Beginner.com for information about how to get a review of your product.

We don’t always say yes. But if it’s something we’re sure our readers will appreciate, there’s a good chance we’ll add it to our publishing schedule.


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  1. My plants are dying I don’t know if I’m overwatering or under watering or if it’s a ph problem or nute problem

    1. Well, it’s hard to tell without a picture. But one good resource is ILGM which has an extensive section on plant diseases in the free book and online.

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