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420beginner Website Design And Hosting

Are YOU a 420 Beginner, or a marijuana start-up business?

With additional states legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical use, you may be one of those seeking opportunities for new business.  If you are the one problem you may have encountered is how difficult it is to promote your new venture.

As marijuana remains a Class 1 drug at the Federal level advertising products, services and treatments are outlawed by normal channels.  You cannot advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook, or similar platforms, so how will you make customers or clients aware of your business?

The obvious solution is your own business website. But, we appreciate that while you fully understand your business the prospect of registering a domain, setting up hosting, designing a website, and launching it on the world wide web may be daunting tasks you may not fully understand.

This is where 420beginner Website Design And Hosting can help. Our website designers have been involved in the design and management of our website for many years, so understand the business and how to create distinctive websites for the marijuana market.

In partnership with 420beginner.com, they are now offering bespoke and individual website design options for our members and guests.

A bespoke plan will include:-

Domain Name Registration (subject to client agreement and availability)

Hosting with our hosting company (Including daily back-ups, Security, and Staging Site Facility)

Website Design in accordance with your requirements. (This includes corporate image, color scheme, text fonts, images, site content, contact forms, etc.)  If e-commerce is a requirement this can also be provided.

Please note that Domain and Hosting are not obligatory.  If you already have a Domain and hosting we can continue with this.


It is almost impossible to offer an estimate for website design as there are far too many variations, such as the number of pages, amount of content, site requirements in terms of interactivity with visitors, etc. However, for Domain Registration (for 1 year) and Hosting (for 1 year) for a normal site, we would normally expect the cost to be approximately $150.

You may well be thinking that having a website designed for you will be an expense you cannot afford but this may well be less than you think, so don’t be afraid to ask for a quote. It might surprise you in a pleasant way!

Furthermore, it is an investment in your business that should not be ignored.

We will always provide a full quotation prior to commencing any work for you so that you are completely aware of costs before any work is undertaken.  We also guarantee that we will continue to work on the design of your site until you are completely happy with the look and functionality of your website before it is launched.

U.S. Copyright Law

Our contract or agreement will include a clause that assigns 100% complete, unquestioned ownership of the software and graphics that we create to your business. That means you own your website and are free to move it to another hosting company or assign another designer to work on your site without any restriction.

Maybe You Already Have a Website?

If you have a website and are not entirely happy with it we offer a FREE Review.

Sometimes websites go “out of date”, look old-fashioned, or are not performing as you want them to. Technology and visual designs change rapidly these days and there can be a need to catch up to the latest look.

We will review your site and offer suggestions to improve the look and performance with no obligation. If you choose to accept our recommendations we will quote you a price to carry out any work needed which you are free to accept or decline.

So if you need a website or want a review of your current site email maryjane@420beginner.com with WEBSITE as the subject and let us know how we can help you.