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Your Essential Cannabizness

Well, just like we said last night, you are ESSENTIAL.  Yesterday it was San Francisco that said retail cannabiznesses could stay open as essential services.  Today, according to National Public Radio by way of our friends at Leafwire, New York and the State of Illinois have joined SF in recognizing cannabiznesses as ESSENTIAL to the well-being (and staying-home, social-distancing-couchlock) of many weed lovers.

In Illinois, you can even sell weed on the sidewalk outside your dispensary.

So if you are selling on the sidewalk, just remember to tell the cop that your little enterprise is Essential.  You can find out later if the judge will buy that argument.  (That is a joke, folks.  NOT legal advice.)

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And as an aside, if you are a cannabizness owner or investor, I suggest you sign up with our friends at Leafwire.  It’s an invaluable resource for the latest in cannabizness news.

What is a Cannabizness?

A Cannabizness (#cannabizness) is any business that deals directly or indirectly with cannabis-derived products. This includes, among many others, retail marijuana dispensaries, head shops, hemp and marijuana farmers, LED Grow Light manufacturers, distributors and delivery services, legal services, and many others.CANNABIZNESS

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