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This Weeks Hot Marijuana Topics

Here are a few of the Hot Marijuana Topics that hit the news this past week. You may have missed them so we have selected the best and most interesting so you can catch up easily with what is happening

91% of Americans think marijuana should be legal for recreational or medical use

The new survey, conducted by Pew Research Center from April 5-11, 2021, comes as congressional Democrats consider legislation that would decriminalize marijuana nationally. Views of marijuana legalization have changed very little since 2019.

Biden’s Cannabis Reform Plan Still Involves Schedule 2 Status

President Biden only supports leaving decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states, rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule II drug so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts and, at the federal level, he supports decriminalizing marijuana use and automatically expunging any prior criminal records. He also supports legalizing medicinal marijuana

Alcohol Does More Brain Damage Than Cannabis

In the past, prohibitionists loved to say that cannabis would cause brain damage but new studies now show that alcohol does, while cannabis doesn’t. The latest study of this kind revealed that alcohol impacts cortical thickness among young people and no impact was seen among those who used cannabis.

Denver To Allow Weed Delivery Services, Bars And Clubs

Denver’s about to become even more marijuana-friendly, with weed delivery likely starting this summer after the Denver City Council unanimously agreed Monday to overhaul the local industry with two sweeping measures.

Collateral Damage of the Drug War

We can all agree that after 50 years of the “War on Drugs” – Drugs Won!

It’s peculiar that the Federal Government dubbed it “The War on Drugs” because like with any war, there are always casualties. While it will be difficult to determine the extent of the negative side effects of this policy one thing is certain…

Something has to change…and fast!

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