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Sales and Discounts This Week

On Sale This Week

Just a couple of quick notes on marijuana and vape sales that are coming your way or already happening.  Grower’s Choice is offering some of their strains with a 20% discount:  Bubba Kush, Great White Shark and Critical Purple.  3-seed packs of each are $35.  All these seeds are feminized varieties, reducing your work and stress levels (in case smoking the harvest is not enough.) . Vaporl.com has some fantastic discounts on several vapes and pod kits for as low as $20.  And our friends at ILGM have their EarlyBird Sale starting soon with 10 more seeds free when you order 10 seeds from them.

There are always sales going on and MaryJane Farmer will keep you up to date as they happen, so bookmark this page and check back often.  Or accept our push notifications and you will get immediate notice with every new sale that comes our way.

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