Red Manual Portable Heat Rosin Press – CH2034



The medicinal plant industry is constantly evolving and developing new products and ways to consume them. Extracts have been popular for some time, but have traditionally required the use of chemical solvents to produce. Relatively new on the scene is a solventless extract called rosin. Produced by pressing material between two heated plates, rosin can then be consumed as dabs, coated over a joint, or cooked into food.

Rosin can be produced at home using a hair straightener, but if it is your preferred product, a small manual medicinal plants press machine is a great investment. The best rosin press will allow you to make more rosin at once, with less effort and more precise control over pressure and heat. It also helps to avoid burning yourself!

This Red Manual Portable Heat Rosin Press – CH2034 is an easy operation model for a quick job. Digital controller panels control each heating element and read out individually. A user could use this machine to heat pressing flowers, herbs, tea leaves, etc.

  1. CE/RoHS Compliant.
  2. Over-the-center pressure adjustment.
  3. HRPO laser-cut-quality steel framework.
  4. RGB screen touch control panel with icon displaying, read-out accurate & easily setting.
  5. Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish after metal rust removal & phosphorization.


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