FC 6500 Samsung Osram Commercial Led Grow Light


Product Highlights

Light source: Samsung LM301H

Power draw: 680W; Commercial coverage:4ftx4ft ;Personal coverage: 5ftx5ft

Commercial cultivator’s preferred light solution for single or multi-tier racking and indoor shorter plant grow scenarios.

Whether growing cannabis, food, or ornamental plants, Mars Hydro FC series can take care of every corner of your grow space with the most uniform light distribution. Generate high-quality, reliable crop yields and sustainable control over your grow results.


High-Quality Efficient LEDs Chips The FC 6500 Samsung Osram has 2688Pcs Best-Selling Samsung LM301H and Osram 660nm LEDs chips, High Efficiency Up to 2.8 µmol/J.

Upgraded Sunlike Full Spectrum White Light This High-intensity spectrum is beneficial for plants at all stages – from veg to bloom, and creates Big density Buds.

Boost Yield and Increasing Crop Quality Expect up to a 50% higher yield and higher quality compared with the old blurple lights and HPS. Max yield Up to 2.5g/W with 30% higher Average PPFD.

Daisy Chain Dimming Function Light is designed with a dimmer knob which makes dimming more convenient. Up to 15 lights can be daisy-chained and controlled through just one light.

No-fan Design – Aluminum Heatsink – Removable Driver The no-fan design makes no noise; Thick and sturdy aluminum heatsink makes for optimal heat dissipation; Removable driver allows putting the driver outside.

IP65 Waterproof, Flexible 180 degree movement Gives growers no worries while growing in a humid environment; Foldable design up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, and easy to install.

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